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President calls for greater agricultural mechanisation

By Ndafadza Madanha
THE First secretary of ZANU PF and President of Zimbabwe Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa has urged
farmers to embrace modern farming technologies in order to improve agriculture production and
President Mnangagwa said this after touring Radzim in Harare which specialises in supply of
agricultural equipment.
“I’m here as a farmer and  I want to embrace agriculture technology for the betterment
of production first on my farm as an example.
It is my personal view that I must walk the talk as a farmer. I have most of the equipment which is
here and my farm is very productive.
I think it is very possible for our farmers at every level not to be content but seek to continuously
improve productivity. We cannot increase the size of the land but what we can improve is the
production on the land by embracing science and technology. Zimbabwe is primarily an agriculture
economy it is from the soil we get our living; our food comes from the soil”.
The President sentiments dovetail with the revolutionary party’s 2018 manifesto which pledged to
improve agriculture production and productivity through modernising and mechanising agricultural
Further the manifesto identified provision of combine harvesters, dryers, stock feed, manufacturing
equipment and related inputs on a cost recovery basis to capable farmers as another avenue to
improve agriculture production and productivity.
President Mnangagwa said while country had abundant and rich soils it was disheartening that the
country was not food secure owing to the vagaries of weather and underutilisation of land.
The President said in order to mitigate the challenges posed by climate change the ZANU PF led
government will construct dams throughout the country to ensure agricultural productivity is not
affected by drought.
He said agriculture was the rock bed of the economy as it provided key raw materials to industry.
The President also urged both government and the private sector to come together and work
towards the development of the country.
“There is no them and us it should always be us together to develop and improve the quality of lives
of our people. It is from agriculture that industry is built on, agriculture gives primary production but
we must move on to value add the products we produce. If it is tobacco we produce and sell it but
we should beneficiate the tobacco and sell cigarettes. The same can happen with cotton which we
produce but unfortunately 75% is sold as raw material”. ENDS