President hailed for a successful National prayer

President hailed for a successful National prayer

President hailed for a successful National prayer

By Shadreck Gurenje


President E.D Mnangagwa demonstrated servant leadership which knows no political affiliation, colour, age and race through a successful national day of fasting and prayer he hosted today at state house.

The National Day of Prayer and Fasting was attended by various religions across the nation chief among them Christians, mausoleums, Hindus, Hebrews and Jews.

In this move President Mnangagwa has baton to the Revolutionary People’s Party winning manifesto which clearly depicts Zimbabwe under the Second Republic a highly spiritual country and more so under ZANU PF government to date the nation has enjoyed their freedom of worship as enshrined in the National Constitution.

His pragmatic leadership is also clearly proven by his successful leading from the front as characterized by the setting up of the inter-ministerial National Taskforce and declaring this day 15 June as the day for prayer and fasting.

This has resulted in significant raise in the amount of trust in the Second Republic which has committed most of its works in hands of God every time it conduct all its government and nation building programmes.

Reverend Wutawunashe also saluted President Mnangagwa for standing by the scriptures in very government business for the betterment of Zimbabwe at large.

In giving his keynote address President Emmerson Mnangagwa said the word of God is true and lives and he will answer all prayer to eradicate the covdid-19 pandemic.

“While today has been declared as the day for prayer however the bible in 1 Thessalonians 5 says we must pray without ceasing. Today we come standing on the scriptures found in 2 Chronicles 7 vs 13 - 15.

“We therefore gather in prayer in total belief and knowledge that the word of God is true and lives. We are confident that God's word lives as a Nation we are faced with this pandemic,” said President Mnangagwa.

President Mnangagwa also saluted the Zimbabweans for adhering to Covid-19 lockdown directives and thanks God for keeping the death toll low.

President Mnangagwa also added that a nation that fears God is blessed and as the President of Zimbabwe he will not hesitate to lead the nation in prayer.

The word of God is clear that in such circumstances, there will be some who will believe in God while others will defy his word. In Zimbabwe we have chosen to be in the category that humbles ourselves, repents, seeks God's message and glorify his name

Blessed is the nation that seeks Jehovah. Hence as your President I will not hesitate to lead you in this prayer,” said President Mnangagwa.

Zimbabwe has 383 confirmed coronavirus cases, according to the latest data from the health ministry.

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