President launch US$5b National Tourism Recovery and Growth Strategy

President launch US$5b National Tourism Recovery and Growth Strategy

President launch US$5b National Tourism Recovery and Growth Strategy

President launch US$5b National Tourism Recovery and Growth Strategy


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ZANU PF First Secretary and President, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa, today launched the National Tourism Recovery and Growth Strategy (NTRGS) in the resort town of Victoria Falls.

The NTRGS’s launch which coincided with the official re-opening of the Victoria Falls Rain Forest is the roadmap towards achieving the earmarked US$5 billion tourism sector economy in line with Vision 2030.

President Mnangagwa urged stakeholders in the tourism sector to embrace the strategy.

“I encourage the sector and all stakeholders to fully embrace this National Tourism Sector Recovery and Growth Strategy for its successful implementation.

“The National Tourism Recovery and Growth Strategy is anchored on Zimbabwe’s vision to be a prime international tourist destination based on the judicious and sustainable exploitation of the unique assets of nature, culture, heritage and the built environment,” President Mnangagwa said.

President Mnangagwa underscored that the NTSRGS fed into Vision 2030 as espoused in the ZANU PF 2018 People’s Manifesto.

“The strategy is informed by my Government’s Vision 2030 to become an upper middle-income economy characterised by increased investment, decent jobs and populace free from poverty and corruption,” said the President.

“One of the key pillars for the projected growth in tourism and the ambitious yet achievable target of US$5 billion is increased investment in tourism products and associated facilities,” President Mnangagwa said.

President Mnangagwa also said his Government would continue to come up with incentives that cushion the tourism industry.

“Government is aware that by its nature, the setting up of tourism facility is capital intensive. We will therefore continue to offer incentives and streamline approval processes as part of our ease of doing business,” said the President.

Adding that, “As enunciated in this strategy, Government will continue to lead and fund marketing efforts designed to re-establish contact with the local, regional and international tourism markets.”

President Mnangagwa who later on officially opened Mbano Hotel said the New Dispensation remained committed to promoting a private sector led growth of the tourism sector.

“My Government remains unwavering in its quest to promote private sector led growth of the tourism sector and provide a conducive climate for both local and foreign investors,” said President Mnangagwa.

President Mnangagwa who was visibly charmed by the new Mbano Hotel, a local initiated investment said, “pleasing that this mammoth investment was put together by a local company, Matizimunda Investments.

“This attests to our potential as a country in the journey towards the target to achieve a US$5 billion tourism sector economy.”

“It is my Government’s wish to see more local companies establish high quality, competitive brands that will compete regionally and internationally. I commend the admirable high standard of workmanship and products that are on show at this facility. This will undoubtedly help attract the target market and clientele at the hotel,” the President said.

The President also remarked that he was impressed by ongoing expansion and upgrading of tourist facility in the resort town.

“I am informed that at least six other hotels and lodges in Victoria Falls are being upgraded and expanded. This is applauded and will increase our capacity to host not only tourists, but also meetings, conferences and exhibitions,” the President said.

President Mnangagwa implored the tourism industry to continue investing in community development.

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