By Sibusiso Ncube


ZANU PF President and First Secretary Cde E.D Mnangagwa has commended the Government of India for containing the spread of Covid-19.

India yesterday donated goods worth over US$4 million including medicines, 1 000 tonnes of rice, industrial machines at the Indo-Zim Technology Centre and 10 ambulances which will be handed over next month.

Many have died while others have recovered from the pandemic which hit the world by storm resulting in the untimely death of many people globally.

“I am happy to hear that it is now flattening and the Government of India has proceeded to do research in order to bring out vaccines that will assist to fight the pandemic. I have no doubt that the spirit that India, in particular the Prime Minister of India, my brother (Narendra) Modi, has towards Zimbabwe, with the success of research on the vaccine, I have no doubt that Zimbabwe is in your mind also to assist with regards to fighting and mitigating the impact of Covid-19,” President Mnangagwa said.

“You have gone further to recognise that for three consecutive years, we had a drought in the country and the consignment of 1 000 tonnes of rice is not the first time. This is happening for many times and this is coming at a critical time. Zimbabwe is going through a very hard period in terms of food security. We have instituted agricultural strategy programmes to make our country food sufficient by introducing measures which we think will make us survive during the period of drought. He said the constructions of numerous dams and installation of irrigation schemes would allow for the production of enough grain.

He expressed satisfaction at India’s extension of US$200 million to support power generation at Hwange Thermal Power Station noting that the process is going on well and will no doubt ensure excess energy.


Indian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Masakui Rungsung shared his country’s commitment towards fighting the pandemic noting that a fifth consignment of medicines had arrived from his government to the people of Zimbabwe.


He added that his country is developing vaccines as it intensifies the fight against the pandemic adding that India had also donated US$2, 92 million worth of machines at the Indo-Zim Technology Centre. The machines will support downstream industries and create jobs.




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