By Tendai Moyo

President E.D Mnangagwa says he is impressed with the way the Foreign Currency Auction system is working adding that interventions by government to ensure a delivery of developmental projects are yielding intended results.

ZANU PF promised to improve the livelihoods of people as enunciated in the 2018 people’s manifesto.

Speaking at the 341st session of the Politburo held at the Party Headquarters today, President Mnangagwa said interventions have seen an improvement in delivering the promises to the people.

“Since our last meeting, our country continues to witness various developments across all sectors. On the economic front, a decision was made to put greater scrutiny on players involved with mobile money transactions. This was necessitated by suspected underhand dealings bordering on criminality, by some errant mobile network players. Government also passed a decision to introduce the Foreign Currency Auction System to stabilize our macro-economic environment and tame the ever escalating prices pegged against a fictitious run-away black market rate,” President Mnangagwa said.  

“I am happy to note that stability is returning to the financial services sector and a trend is emerging showing the reduction of prices. As government we envisage a situation where foreign currency resources and raw materials are improved for the productive sector as this will result in increased availability and affordability of goods as well as the creation of jobs.

Despite the debilitating drought, the tobacco sector has seen a positive change in the quality of the golden leaf delivered to the floors as well as the prices offered. On the maize side, deliveries continue coming to GMB which has been allocated adequate resources to ensure the timely payment of farmers. There is need to continuously review our strategies with regards to making sure that the winter wheat targets are met through both increased hectares planted and yields produced per hectare.”

Meanwhile President Mnangagwa has commended the Women’s League for the role they are playing in promoting the Pfumvudza Farming Concept.

“The Pfumvudza Farming Concept has been well received by our people and I commend the structures of the Party for their role in popularizing it and mobilizing our people to be production oriented.

On energy, the water inflow into Kariba Dam is set to increase our hydro-power generation capacity thereby reducing power cuts as well as our power import bill. Greater efforts must be made to ensure that power on the national grid is used for the productive sector. Hence, the use of green energy solutions for domestic purposes must be encouraged and popularised.

The construction of Hwange 7 and 8 is on course and I will soon visit Matabeleland North to tour other mining developments which will have a positive bearing on our country’s energy self-sufficiency.

Road construction and other infrastructure projects are progressing well. Recently, Treasury released money towards the construction of Causeway Dam as well as Gwayi-Shangani Dam among others.

Resources for road rehabilitation and bridge construction are also ongoing. Intervention by government has seen notable improvement in the water situation in the City of Bulawayo while other strategies are being developed to improve water and sanitation in other towns and cities throughout the country.”

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