By Hosia Mviringi

Some call him the “Croc/Ngwena” while others extol him as “Shumba Murambwi/ Chikara,” but the question remains, who is the ZANU PF First Secretary and President Cde ED Mnangagwa?

To many he is the political face and architect of the New Dispensation, which resulted in the birth of the Second Republic of Zimbabwe.

A brave man who stood in the way of the marauding US sponsored G40 cabal which sought to take advantage of former President Robert Mugabe’s old age to take charge of the country and desecrate the liberation foundation of the ruling Party.

At a time when G40 fronted by the former First Lady, Grace Mugabe which was seemingly unstoppable and had instilled fear in many, President Mnangagwa came to the people’s rescue.

He did so in style and sent former President Mugabe to his early retirement. So bloodless was the takeover such that it has become the envy of many nations, all thanks to the shrewdness of President Mnangagwa.

The U.S was awe stricken that they did not see what hit their G40 project and this still pains them to this date. G40 was a corrupt cabal with strong links to capitalism, neo-colonialism and the CIA whose erstwhile ambition has forever been to destroy ZANU PF from within.

Three years down the line President Mnangagwa has become a unifying force, and a pillar of peace not only in Zimbabwe but in Africa as a whole.

Despite having won the election and enjoying a two thirds majority in Parliament, President Mnangagwa created the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD) for the purposes of cross pollination of ideas with other political parties.

What a mark of statesmanship!

Beyond that, the God fearing President has lived to his promise of healing the nation first by opening dialogue on the sensitive Gukurahundi issue. In that regard, through the National Peace and Reconciliation Commission, President Mnangagwa agreed to the establishment of the Matabeleland Collective, a platform which seeks to address the thorny Gukurahundi issue without fear and favour. What more would you ask of a leader.

His statesmanship qualities continue to win him more following and evidence on the ground points to an easy Cde ED victory in the 2023 elections.

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