President Tightens Lockdown Regulations

President  Tightens Lockdown Regulations

President Tightens Lockdown Regulations


Kudzai Furusa

President and First Secretary of the Party and State President H.E Cde ED Mnangagwa has today tightened the Covid19 lockdown regulations following a spike in the number of confirmed Covid19 cases.


President Mnangagwa said this whilst presenting the State of the Nation Address at State House, in Harare today.

He said that cases in Zimbabwe are rising sharply with local cases exceeding imported cases.

“Globally cases continue to rise, by yesterday Africa had recorded more than 721 000 cases with over 150 000 deaths. Our cases in the country also continues to rise. Numbers of cases and deaths rose sharply last week and local transmissions now exceed imported cases. Covid19 is no longer a pandemic for other nations but is now with us in our communities,” he said.


President Mnangagwa went on to give out the measures highlighting that the freedoms he had put in place had been suspended.


“The sobering reality now entails we have to tighten measures. The freedoms we had enjoyed of late are now suspended. From tomorrow all non-working sections of population will be required to stay at home except for purposes of acquiring food and medicines.


“The population must hence forth observe all preventative measures as set out by WHO. As from tomorrow our security forces must enforce a dusk to dawn curfew. All businesses to operate from 8am to 3pm, Only registered SMEs will be allowed to operate but observe WHO standards.


“All food markets will remain open. Intercity transportation remains banned, all approved public transportation must screen passengers and sanitize their buses, public gatherings remain banned,” he said.


President Mnangagwa went on to say, “Breach of these regulations is a criminal offence. Anyone who aids in the transmission of Covid19 will be severely punished. Let us comply with these measures.”

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