President urges war collaborators to remain loyal to the Party

President urges war collaborators to remain loyal to the Party

President urges war collaborators to remain loyal to the Party


By Shadreck Gurenje - ZANU PF Information Department

President Mnangagwa has saluted war collaborators for their resilience during the difficult times of political persecution within the Revolutionary Party perpetrated by the Gamatox and G40 cabals that resulted in some members of the veterans of the struggle being expelled.

Addressing thousands of war collaborators at the Harare City Sports Centre today, President Mnangagwa said war collaborators had been steadfast and remained loyal and bold in line with the ethos and values of the Revolution.

“After the war, collaborators remained steadfast and unwavering in support of the Party and promoting our liberation heritage and ethos.
“Even during the difficult periods marked by Gamatox and G40 within the Party, you remained consistent and loyal and always adhered to the correct line of the Party," said President Mnangagwa.

The history of the liberation struggle said President Mnangagwa, will be incomplete without mentioning the role played by mujibhas and chimbwidos.

“I have to thank you because when we had our last meeting you agreed to carry on with the election campaign despite the Party failing to fulfill some of its promises. The Party won resoundingly with two thirds majority in Parliament," he said.

President Mnangagwa said as the Party leadership, they welcomed contributions from the war collaborators and urged the war collaborators to instill values of loyalty, honesty and hardwork to the younger generations.

“We must pass the doctrine of loyalty, commitment and perseverance to our children, our young stars." He said.

President Mnangagwa added that war collaborators had a critical role in building the economy hence the need to take part in government activities and he encouraged the veteran fighters to take advantage of the current modernization of industries to come up with vibrant SMEs.

“War collaborators should organize themselves and form cooperatives and take advantage of programs being created within various sectors. Let us play our part by working hard. My government will continue to create an enabling environment for prosperity." said President Mnangagwa.

In line with the welfare and social security of the collaborators and the nation at large President Mnangagwa said government was currently coming up with robust measures of revamping the Health sector and more so taking into account the health care of the collaborators.

President Mnangagwa also highlighted that the land audit report from six provinces had been tabled before him and those with multiple farms and unutilised farms would be dealt with and reallocate excess land to those without.

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