By Margaret Kamba


President and First Secretary of ZANU PF Cde E.D Mnangagwa has raised concern over threats to children calling on the criminal justice system to ensure speedy expunging of such acts from our society.


This follows the recent media reports of a seven-year old boy who was decapitated for suspected ritual purposes. Many of such acts occur with some people fooled into sleeping with newborns in order to get cured from HIV and AIDS. Other myths rituals have seen people killing and sleeping with albinos to boost their businesses and get cured from various ailments.


Speaking during the recently held Junior Cabinet meeting Cde Mnangagwa called for the protection of young children who are the future of this country.


“My government is gravely concerned with the threats to the wellbeing of children and youths emanating from various forms of abuse. We continue to take several measures to give effect to our communities to end violence against children,” President Mnangagwa.


“I am disturbed by the loss of life of young children as a result of heinous and evil actions for rituals and witchcraft purposes. These coldhearted acts of murder have no place in our country. The stakeholders in our criminal justice system must speedily and strongly deal with the perpetrators so that this evil trend is expunged from our society.”


He urged young people to desist from drug abuse and heed to guidance of parents and guardians.


“Let me once again urge you to keep your eyes focused on the ball, which is attaining a good education. You must study hard and develop skills for success. Together with all young children you represent, you are the future and hope of our great country. Shun drug and substance abuse as well as promiscuous lifestyles. Listen and adhere to the guidance of your parents, teachers and elders. Be confident that government and your guardians will give you the maximum support to achieve your goals, hopes and aspirations.”



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