Quest to end hunger in marginalised communities First Lady distributes small grain to Kanyemba community

Quest to end hunger in marginalised communities First Lady distributes small grain to Kanyemba community

Quest to end hunger in marginalised communities …… First Lady distributes small grain to Kanyemba community


By Ransom Mandhlazi in Kanyemba - ZANU PF Information Department

FIRST Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa recently distributed traditional small grain seeds to the Doma communities.

This is in addition to the castor bean projects, nutrition garden, maize and other projects she has rolled out in a bid to end mulnutrition, poverty and effects of drought in Kanyemba.

The First Lady was accompanied by American and Canadian investors, who are interested in uplifting the Kanyemba community and ensure it reaches its full potential.

In a speech read on her behalf by Minister of State for Mashonaland Central, Monica Mavhunga, First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa explained how she fell in love with the Kanyemba people.

She highlighted that her first interaction with the Doma community was difficult but through persistence she finally broke the impasse.

"On my first visit to this place I found these people malnourished and suffering from different dieases like malaria and kwashiokor. They were also naked, shy and not interested in associating with other people who were visiting," said First Lady.

"Slowly I made friendship with them and they later on accepted me as their mother who listens to their predicaments. I then arranged a group of both general and specialist doctors.

"I then started introducing agricultural activities focusing on nutrition garden, small grain planting, maize and later on built health facilities like Mariga satelite clinic," she added.

The First Lady then encouraged the people to send their children to secondary school.

"This contributes immensely to the reduction of under age marriages and early teenage pregnancies.

"I then decided to lead by example through the payment of school fees for ten children who are now doing their secondary school education at Chopoto secondary school," she added.

"The Doma people, in their culture, did not build houses for themselves. With my encouragement, these people started building permanent structures and today it is pleasing to see them living in nice houses.

"Seeing the plight of women who were walking long distances to reach the clinic to give birth, I then decided to build a waiting mother's shelter here at Chapoto clinic." she said.

"Now I decided that it is high time for them to start a cash crop project, hence I introduced them to plant castor beans. Since they are good in Agriculture, I have brought them some small grains seed which i would give to every household," she said.

In terms of other self help projects, First Lady Amai Auxillia Mnangagwa made them to start sewing and knitting activities which they had never done in their lives before.

Kanyemba, in Mbire District experiences high temperature and receives average to below average rainfalls.

The community, through Chief Chapota thanked First Lady for remembering the marginalised communities like Kanyemba, saying their lifestyle has changed positively as the area moves to attain city status by 2030.

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