Re-invest in moral fibre

Re-invest in moral fibre

Re-invest in moral fibre


By Margaret Kamba

ZANU PF Director for  Cde Tafadzwa Muguti says re-investing in the moral fibre of the country will help the country move forward.
Zimbabwe is faced with many challenges among them corruption and lack of national consciousness resulting in many refusing to be associated with the country. Negative media reports by local and international media, sovereign discipline by some opposition political parties has not helped the situation.
Speaking on possible solutions that could churn the country out of this, Cde Muguti highlighted that taking pride in one’s country would be one solution.

“We must re-invest in the moral fibre of our country. Corruption now seems to be an avenue to navigate any form of transaction and it is domestically entrenched in our people and there is always a narrative to it,” Cde Muguti said.

“This is made worse by the fact that when a society operates in ignorance of the rule of law, there is no respect for any law. If there was a lifestyle audit based on the tax, you would see that many people have cut corners. To address this we must start at the grassroots with our children.

Empowerment is giving an opportunity to be self-sufficient financially, socially and in technical skills. So many things have been said about Nigeria but no country beats it in terms of forex remittances. Nigerians have kept their culture in tact no matter where they go in the world. They will eat their food and dress in their cultural wear despite what the world says they are proud to be Nigerian.
What is unfortunate for us as Zimbabweans is that there are people that do not want to be associated with being Zimbabwean. If we were conscious of development, we each would know where we wanted to invest in because each village would have a business opportunity. If this was there it would challenge the local person to invest their money in their village before those in the diaspora finish the opportunities.

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What is ZANU PF? Zimbabwe African National Union- Patriotic Front (Zanu PF) is a total Political, Indigenous Economic Emancipation and a National Liberation Movement Package for Zimbabweans by Zimbabweans prepared to shed their blood in defence of their Sovereignty at all times. Its a liberation movement which thrives on and cherishes National Unity which has created the sound condition of Peace and Security which Zimbabwe has enjoyed and a rare gift many countries dream of. Is driven by its Democratic African Values where the leadership is accountable to the membership which elected it, hence the holding of District Conferences, the Annual People’s Conference and the National People’s Congress. Aims and Objectives To establish and sustain a society that cherishes African Values and to create conditions for economic independence, prosperity and equitable distribution of wealth of the nation. To preserve and defend the National Sovereignty and Independence of Zimbabwe. To Uphold and apply fully the rule of Law, Equality before the law and Equality of opportunities for all people in Zimbabwe, regardless of race, tribe sex, religion or origin. Continue to participate in the worldwide struggle for the complete eradication of imperialism, colonialism and all forms of racism. To support and promote all effects for the attainment of the Pan African goal for the complete independence and unity of African states. To oppose resolutely, tribalism, regionalism and forms of exploitation of man by man.

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