By Margaret Kamba


It is with deepest regret that at such a critical time as this, when Covid19 pandemic cases are rising, the nurses and doctors have once again decided to engage in needless political activities, engaging in demonstrations in a manner completely insensitive to the health regulations on #Covid19 over allegations of salary cuts.


What is sad about the development is that, no one’s salary has been cut, rather, the backdated salary allowance which they were getting has lapsed, and not only them have been affected by that technicality but the entirety of the civil service. Government has always expressed readiness to deal with this issue in order to cushion its workers.


Despite efforts by the government led by President and First Secretary Cde E.D Mnangagwa to source protective clothing for the nurses and doctors from all over the world and locally, there has been a ceaseless attempt to maintain hostility between government and health workers using a coterie of opposition elements among them as the rallying point for strikes, demonstrations and in extreme laughable cases- faking abductions.


What is also surprising is that it is not only the health sector that is on the front-line as National Leaders, charity organisations, soldiers, media and police who are much more exposed to the virus than the nurses are also front-line workers fighting to contain this virus.


ZANU PF Director of Information and Publicity Cde Mugwadi has questioned the character of the organizers of such needless attention seeking drama.


“The health sector has over time, always been weaponised by opposition political elements with dubious political intentions. It appears the nurses have been sold a dummy by a dying opposition which has resorted to weaponizing hospitals as a nursery bed for their resuscitation,” said Cde Mugwadi.


“History does not lie. These acts of sabotage in our health sector have always been suspicious because they follow a programmed well-choreographed pattern of dissent and provocations by the MDCs and their elements in civil society whose nefarious intentions are written on their faces. The government has always treated health workers with an honest mind-set every time these demonstrations have happened but it appears that time for tougher action against bad apples in this sector is due.


The manner in which they are picketing is not only a danger to themselves but to the patients whom they will be expected to serve after engaging in such crowded demonstrations which are violating social distancing and the requirement to wear face masks. The character of this gang among health workers need to be put to scrutiny before they can be allowed back into wards to interact with our patients’’ said Cde Mugwadi.


He went on to say ‘’The world over, economies have been decimated by the debilitating effects of Covid19 pandemic and Zimbabwe is not an exception. Rather, our situation is exacerbated by the maintenance of illegal sanctions as well as the actions of a heartless opposition gang which admits to writing letters instructing the IMF and World Bank to stop relief funds disbursements to Zimbabwe.


The same gang is responsible for clandestine organisation of these protests, mobilizing our innocent and unsuspecting workers to demand what they know is unavailable because they have conspired to make it unavailable. This must be condemned unreservedly and tougher action needs to be considered for those found on the wrong angle’’ said Cde Mugwadi.

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