Repatriation of First Chimurenga heroes: Update

Repatriation of First Chimurenga heroes: Update

Repatriation of First Chimurenga heroes: Update


By Margaret Kamba

Family representatives of the heroes of the First Chimurenga met at the ZANU PF Headquarters today ahead of the repatriation of the heroes' remain.

Remains of Mbuya Nehanda, Sekuru Kaguvi, Mashayamombe and Mapondera among other heroes were carried as trophies. It is believed that over 63 000 other remains from various countries are in Europe as trophies.

Negotiations shows that the United Kingdom has agreed to release the remains in what many believe to be an evasion of paying compensation.

Speaking about the strides made, Secretary of the Gender and Culture Department Cde Kenneth Musanhi said this is a milestone achievement.

"We are pleased as the Gender and Culture Department of the ZANU PF Party to be able to mobilise this milestone project of having the remains of our ancestors repatriated. We believe that we will have a more stable country, " Cde Musanhi said.

" We thank the cooperation of all stakeholders and we believe we will be able to the work in the shortest possible time."

The repatriation of the First Chimurenga some believe is an opportunity for the young generation to see the inhumane nature of the coloniser.

Culturally these heroes cannot be laid along with heroes of the Second Chimurenga or else there may be consequences.

Questions arise as to whether or not this process should be done while the remains of Cecil John Rhodes lie at the spiritual helm of the country, a sacred place for the people of Zimbabwe, Matojeni.

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