Reusable face mask in the wake of covid19

Reusable face mask in the wake of covid19

Reusable face mask in the wake of covid19

By Margaret Kamba

The face mask production and distribution by the ZANU PF Women's League has seen the Party assisting immensely in the fight against covid19.

Pegged at nothing at all, the face masks made from the Party regalia have been distributed for free during meetings to also beef up basic commodity supplies for vulnerable households at at a time when incomes have deteriorated.

Believe it or not, the use of dirty masks during this period has to some extent added fuel to fire perhaps even resulting in the increase in positive cases if not deaths.

It is a fact that many people cannot afford face masks being sold in pharmacies while the few people that have sewn these are making a killing by charging from as low as 50 cents to 3 dollars or more depending on the market.

This is where one wishes they had at least listened during fashion and fabrics classes at school or at least afford to follow a YouTube tutorial on how to make a reusable face mask.

The covid19 animal or whatever it is, has seen us wearing masks in order to protect ourselves from a virus which is now believed can last up to eight minutes in the atmosphere because of its ability to mutate.

If we could put a cost to the intervention by the Women's League in the fight against the pandemic through this face mask production, we could see that they have not only ensured meals on people's tables but created employment.

Simple mathematics should peg the average budget on face masks for a month at slightly higher than one hundred dollars. This is the mask only meant to be worn a few hours.

The reusable masks therefore are more cost effective.

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