Sanctions must fall

Sanctions must fall

Sanctions must fall

By Ndafadza Madanha

ZIMBABWE commemorates the 2nd edition of the Anti-Sanctions day which was designated by the SADC Heads of State summit in Tanzania last year. SADC designated 25 October as the day sister countries in the region register their collective displeasure with the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the USA, EU and other western countries.

While the USA, EU and their local proxies maintain the illegal sanctions are targeted at the ruling elite evidence suggests otherwise with ordinary folk at the receiving end of the illegal embargoes. The continued retention of illegal sanctions by western countries over the last 18 years particularly by the USA is a well calculated ploy to bring about regime change and install a government amenable to their interests. It is no surprise the imposition of sanctions on Zimbabwe by the West coincided with the commencement of the Fast Track Land Reform exercise at the turn of the millennium.

The sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe upon embarking on the land reform exercise were intended to serve as a warning to other countries in the region never to address colonial imbalances that affect their societies to this day.
Through the western sponsored opposition MDC party many Zimbabweans were initially hoodwinked into believing that sanctions came about because of human rights violations and corruption perpetuated by the governing ZANU PF party.

However, as years have gone by the majority of Zimbabweans now appreciate that sanctions have no impact on the targeted elite and have very little to do with Human Rights.
Illegal Sanctions are meant to make the economy scream and make the ordinary man turn against the revolutionary ZANU PF Government.

The call for removal of illegal sanctions is premised on that they worsen the plight of the ordinary person and significantly curtail operations of business particularly the private sector which is the engine of growth for any economy. It is encouraging that businesses that had shied away from calling for the removal of sanctions have now joined the bandwagon and are at the forefront of denouncing the illegal sanctions.
Among some of the businessmen that have called for the removal of sanctions are business moguls Strive Masiyiwa, Trevor Ncube and Busisa Moyo.

Government must now build on the support from ordinary citizens and business in denouncing the illegal sanctions by carrying out reforms that enhance our governance systems. Already Government through the repeal of AIPPA, POSA and undertaking ease of doing business reforms is working towards building an environment that is more receptive to the needs and aspirations of Zimbabweans.

Equally our opposition Parties in particular the fragmenting MDC must realise our politics must not be about appeasing the West but pushing for the Zimbabwe cause and what is best for its people.
As Zimbabweans we must understand that we sink or swim together and that there is more that binds us than divides us. Whatever differences we have should be resolved internally and not invite external forces who have their own agendas and interests. ENDS

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