By Margaret Kamba

This week the US wholly removed sanctions on Agribank and Infrastructure Bank of Zimbabwe a move welcomed by the men and women who have been spending sleepless nights outside the United States Embassy in Harare.

Commenting on the development Secretary General of the Coalition Against Sanctions Cde Davison Gomo said while the move is welcome, it is too little, too late.

“First things first, sanctions are very bad and indefensible and not necessary because there are better ways of dissolving conflicts. We never had problems with America but they got themselves involved unnecessarily and it was a mistake on the part of the Americans. The Americans have always claimed that the sanctions have been for the good of the people of Zimbabwe in the hope of making the Zimbabwean government alter its behavior towards its citizens,” Dr Gomo said.

“These sanctions have not been in the interest of America as well because they have had no direct benefit to their public. They should go and they have partially. We know that these sanctions have been a show of power but we didn’t need to know this through the sanctions because we know of their political muscle even without these sanctions.

“These sanctions were and will always be an attempt to replace a government they don’t prefer. Why do Americans want to govern the people of Zimbabwe. They should allow them to choose the government they want. Electoral processes will always be controversial but there was no need to put sanctions on us.”

Dr Gomo highlighted that  the sanctions have altered the livelihoods of Zimbabweans which is unnecessary.

“Violence doesn’t always come physically but economically, emotionally and politically and the level and intensity is denying the people of Zimbabwe to live because livelihoods have been wiped out. When you go around and ask about sanctions, some people do not even know America exists which is why this violence against the people of Zimbabwe is uncalled for,” Dr Gomo said.

“The question is are we paying for the reversal of colonialism? Are we paying because we took control of our resources? Zimbabwe does not fit on the racial map of America. Why don’t they love the black Americans in their country first before loving us?

“We dispossessed the white people who are their kith and kin in colour, culture and appearance and perhaps we are paying for that. We took the land when they were not willing to give it up.”

Asked on whether or not this move is enough, Dr Gomo had this to say.

“Have they done enough by removing Agribank and Infrastructure Bank of Zimbabwe? The answer is it is a faint hearted attempt to bribe the people of Zimbabwe that the game is over when it’s not. We want every inch of our country to be free from colonial domination,” Dr Gomo said.

“The former President died fighting to have the sanctions removed. The New Dispensation under the leadership of Cde E.D Mnangagwa is even louder in asking for the justification of the illegal sanctions. He is speaking in unison with the people of Zimbabwe that the sanctions must go totally and not in bits and pieces. We want these sanctions removed and not on terms convenient to America.

“We are aware that these sanctions are a show of hate for this country, to destabilize and weaken the economy of Zimbabwe and to make us inferior and drive us with a begging bowl to them. It is too little, too late.”

Broad Alliance Against Sanctions co-founder Sally Ngoni said the move was welcome although more needed to be done.

“We are happy that what we are doing is showing impact and that the US is hearing the cries of the people of Zimbabwe. We want that the US removed from the sanctions list all state owned companies so that we can progress well without any hindrances.”

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