Sanyati community hails Minister Kambamura

Sanyati community hails Minister Kambamura

Sanyati community hails Minister Kambamura


By Shadreck Gurenje in Sanyati - ZANU PF Information Department

People from all walks of life took turns to salute the sterling work being done by their National Assembly member in areas such as construction of clinics, roads and supporting local talent through sport among others.

The Community recently witnessed a unique week long sporting tournament which saw over 200 participants in different sporting disciplines among them volley ball, soccer, netball, handball, Javellin and tug-of-war.

The tournament running under the name Mhofu Sporting Tournament is a brainchild of Hon Polite Kambamura who personally injected $40 000, trophies and sports kits for the winning teams.

Interviews with people from the constituency demonstrated that the legislator was in touch with the people in his constituency through comprehensive efforts he is spearheadingsince his election into office in 2018.
Ward 17 councillor ,Cde Stanford Bande said he saluted Hon Kambamura for the good works he is doing for his ward and the constituency at large.
“I would want to thank the Honourable Member of Parliament and also the Deputy Minister for strongly assisting us especially in my ward where he is building a clinic a move that will help in the fight against diseases.
“I also thank the Honourable Minister for coming up with a talent scouting tournament especially for our young people which will assist in curbing drug abuse and also uplifting our youths in terms of their sporting career.” said Clr Stanford Bande.

Renowned Farmer and evangelist, Mr Thomas Kandeya also saluted the Honourable for remaining bold and resilient in supporting people from different spheres of life including those in education, agriculture, religion and traditional leaders.
“We are happy to have a Member of Parliament like Honourable Kambamura because he an asset to the community of Sanyati especially for our young people who are the future.

As farmers he has helped us a lot and for religious leaders he is playing a pivotal role in support with transport especially for their gatherings,” said Kandeya.
A young lady from ward 11 Nyembezi Mudzambi also commended efforts being ushered in by Honourable Kambamura saying that these will uplift the lives of the girl child.

“I support and salute this talent scouting tournament being spearheaded by our Honourable it will go a long way is supporting the fight against child abuse especially in our young women.
“This sporting competition will help in keep our youths occupied hence shunning immoral behaviour.” said Mudzambi.

Speaking at the same occasion Member of Parliament for Sanyati Hon Polite Kambamura said the main thrust of the support he was rendering was to support the grassroots and uplift their livelihoods in a decent manner.
“On this tournament alone I have injected $40 000 to make sure that the programme becomes a success. Apart from this we are also working on a series of programmes across the constituencies earmarked for our elderly, women and youths.
“We are also constructing some clinics ,roads together with the members of the community.” said Hon Kambamura.
The event was attended by over 5 000 thousand people across Sanyati constituency.

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