SB Moyo exposes MDC-A sellout stand on Anti sanctions drive

SB Moyo exposes MDC-A sellout stand on Anti sanctions drive

SB Moyo exposes MDC-A sellout stand on Anti sanctions drive

By David Mwanza

THE Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Sibusiso Moyo, has exposed the MDC-Alliance’s treacherous stand on the illegal sanctions against Zimbabwe. This comes after, MDC-Alliance Spokesperson, Fadzai Mahere, this Monday made attempts to downplay the 25 October Anti Sanctions day through her lousy social media campaign dubbed hash tag #ItsNotSanctions, which has dismally failed to gain traction.

Minister Moyo said the 25 October Anti Sanctions Day was serious business that was now part of the African agenda with full support from the UN General Assembly. He said for Mahere and her party to swim against the Anti Sanctions tide, was evidence enough to show the neo-colonial agenda the MDC Alliance was pursuing.
“The African Union supports the removal of sanctions. The SADC supports the removal of sanctions. The UN Secretary General supports the removal of sanctions. Why can’t you?” the Foreign Affairs Minister shot back.
Minister Moyo’s shot at Mahere ignited an avalanche of attacks on the novice opposition politician across the political divide.

A netizen, one Naledi, tweeted, “The good thing is your (Mahere) tweet is being read by very powerful business that are reeling under sanctions and they will not take you seriously. You know nothing about how serious business work. You have never tried to make international payments involving real money not yema silletto.” Another netizen Uhera Chitiga wrote “zvenyu zvekuti sunga one sunga dozen muchiswera muri mumasowe kuti masanctions arambe aripo muchanyara vana Nyembesi.”

Obert Munemo wrote “As long as ana Fadzie musati mwakukwanisa kudenouncer maSanctions, MDC Alliance will never smell my support. There is absolutely no need for Zimbabweans regardless of political affiliation to continue advocating the continuation of sanctions on Zimbabwe.” Zimbabwe National Chamber of Commerce vice president, Mr Godwin Muoni, recently said that the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by the West continue to work against the efforts to grow the economy, as business access offshore loans at concessionary rates.

“Sanctions have done a lot of damage to the economy and lives of ordinary Zimbabweans, and they must be removed like yesterday. The embargo was put for certain purpose and the purpose is for the country not progress economically and that has affected the entire economy including the manufacturing sector. As a result of sanctions local business are not able to access cheap money offshore and foreign direct investment has been slow,” Mr Muoni was quote by the local press.

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