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Vice President and Second Secretary Cde. Kembo Mohadi

Vice president

PLACE OF BIRTH: Beitbridge hospital , Matabeleland south , Zimbabwe

Lower Primary : Beitbridge Mission
Upper Primary : Beitbridge Boarding School
Secondary Education :Manama High School , Gwanda
- Diploma in Salesmanship (commercial Careers College : Salisbury )
-Diploma in Accounts ( commercial Careers college :Salisbury )
-Diploma in Local government Education ( Domboshava institute)
-Degree in Political Economy (USSR)
-Bachelor of Business Administration (Africa University of Zambia )


PhD in leadership


After several arrests and skirmishes with the Regime (RHODESIAN) left for the liberation struggle ( Zambia) in December 1971 through Botswana.

-After the initial training at Membership in Zimbabwe , was selected for further training in the Union of Soviet Army , the first ever group to be conferred with that rank in Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army (ZIPRA)

-ln 1973 from the Kremia Military Academy , went for a specialization in Intelligence under the KGB (Soviet Union Secret Service)at the same time studying Political Economy Science at Moscow University.

-In 1974 upon completion of training and studies in the USSR , returned to Zambia where l operated under the late National HeroEthan Dube who headed the intelligence department of ZAPU doing all sorts of intelligence duties including reducing documents into micro-points, taking photographs of documents developing them ,fixing and printing.

-At the disappearance of Director intelligence Ethan Dube in Botswana , was tasked to go and investigate circumstances to his kidnapping and disappearance.

-ln 1975, was further tasked to map the western Front and establish as many arms catches as possible was during these operations that some of my comrades who were doing the Northern Region got arrested and informed the security agents that l was within the country and probably operating in the western part of the country and that some weapons of war he had, had been given by me.

Subsequently was ambushed in Bulawayo and got arrested. My colleague who had sold out got recruited by the enemy and was released and infiltrated back to Zambia. That was what saved me from going to gallows because my lawyers used his case as ‘case law’

I served at Khami Maximum Prison was released in April 1980 for Juliet Assembly Point.

Demobilized in 1981 and further assigned to help co-ordinate MK operations in the Northern Front . To cover-up my activities, joined Beitbridge Districts Council as an Education Officer.

During that period l successfully contested in the Beitbridge Constituency and was duly elected as Member of Parliament. During my tenure as Member of Parliament l served in Parliament’s Estimates of Expenditure Committee and the Public Accounts Sub-Committee which l shared.

-Appointed Deputy Secretary for Security in the party from 2008 to 2014

-Appointed Secretary for Security in the party from 2014 to date


  • Appointed as Deputy Minister ofSport, Recreation and Culture in 1995
  • Also served in the same capacitythe Ministry of local Government,Public works and National Housing from year 2000 to 2003.
  • Appointed substantive Minister of Home Affairs from year 200 to 2015
  • Appointed substantive Minister of State for National Security for the Department of National Security in July 2015
  • Minister of Defence, Security and War Veterans in December 2017
  • Appointed Vice President of the Republic of Zimbabwe on 23 December 2017 (CURRENT POSITION)