By Margaret Kamba


25 May is Africa Day and this year, the day is being celebrated amidst ongoing threats to Former Liberation Movements FLMs that are aimed at ripping apart African economies and destabilizing their governments.


The recently held SADC Troika on Mozambique can attest to the fact that the enemy is real and has not folded his hands as evidenced by the never ending attempts of making examples of one country to the rest.

While some governments seemed immune to those threats before, today they are targets to more artistry strategies used, resulting in the need for the African brothers to hold their hands stronger and tighter than ever before.


In the coloniser’s mind, overpowering one African country will whip in line the rest of them as the fear of such skillful display of prowess will instil fear in the whole of Africa and make the coloniser a goddess once again.


It is an absurd notion however to think that the African brothers will not stand by each other.  It is unheard of to think that the men and women who endured centuries of torture will bow down now and leave the fight fought for many centuries by their forefathers, some of whose skulls still lie displayed in museums in the West.


It is for those human trophies that this fight will go on. It is for those human remains that lie buried in unknown graves that the fight to emancipate the African people must go on. It is for those human and mineral resources looted over centuries and screaming in lands far from their own birth places, the African children living today, must ensure the liberation of our people.


While a few may forget their own brothers who have fought the good fight, true brothers will stand by the ones falling by the wayside in order to teach them the African principles of ubuntu/hunhu that have kept the continent intact over the centuries.


The SADC Troika on Mozambique which was attended by Zambian President Edgar Lungu, Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi, Mozambique President Filipe Nyusi and chaired by big brother Zimbabwe President Cde E.D Mnangagwa who is currently the chair on the Organ on Politics, Defence and Security Cooperation, deliberated on the crisis in Mozambique.


Terrorists and armed groups are attacking civilians and destroying infrastructure in Cabo Delgado Province, north-east of Mozambique and some parts of Manica and Sofala provinces. Cabo Delgado borders on Tanzania and the Indian Ocean.


Since October 2017 armed groups claiming to be Islamist militants have been attacking civilians, who have taken the brunt of the attacks, police and government workers and buildings. It has claimed ties with the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant and that terrorist group has said it is active in the area. It is thought that the terrorists fund their activities largely through drug and ivory smuggling.



The SADC leaders condemned the armed terrorist attacks and acts of sabotage carried out in Cabo Delgado Province as contained in the SADC Declaration on Terrorism and the AU Convention on the Prevention and Combating Terrorism.


They noted that the “threat of terrorism in the past decade has assumed greater proportions. Regions that previously did not perceive seriousness of the threat, or seemed immune to terrorism, are being targeted by terrorists. The threat is now becoming increasingly complex, blurring boundaries between political religious and ideological extremism and crime. In addition, the modus operandi of the terrorist groups and their networks are intricate and elaborate.”


The countries reiterated their commitment to peace, security and stability in Mozambique and the region.


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