Trigger happy Prof Moyo gives away informants

Trigger happy Prof Moyo gives away informants

Trigger happy Prof Moyo gives away informants

By Staff Reporter

 The easily excitable self-exiled Prof Jonathan Moyo has given away names of his informants, comprising of journalists and pseudo civil society organisation activists based in Zimbabwe and South Africa.

The trigger happy Prof Moyo exposed his team through one of his rare tagged tweet which for the first time gave a glimpse as to who forms the inner circle of his confidants.

According to Prof Moyo’s tweet the list of his informants whom some netizens quickly labelled as the “espionage team” partly comprises of former Zimbabwe Independent Editor, Dumisani Muleya, OSISA Executive Director, Siphosami Malunga, CITE Director, Zenzele Ndebele, Tamuka Kagoro and SAPES Trust Founder, Ibbo Mandaza.

The development comes at a time when law enforcement agencies were winding up their investigations on leaked Government documents linked to Prof Moyo.

According to a senior Harare based journalist Muleya was “chief coordinator” of Prof Moyo’s informants under the cover of his investigative journalism project he intends to launch in the coming two weeks.

Muleya has in the past months sought interviews with high ranking ZANU PF and Government officials to solicit a soft landing for his espionage project.

“The guy has been in the field for a long time and has seen a number of journalist grow. He is sly. He runs moles in every news room and that way he remains in touch with the latest happenings hence he has remained a key cog of Prof Moyo’s shenanigans,” said the Harare based senior journalist who spoke on conditions of anonymity.

Prof Moyo’s revelations comes in the backdrop of calls by the ZANU PF Youth League for law enforcement agencies to hunt down compromised Government officials who were leaking sensitive information particularly to Prof Moyo.

In a strong worded statement issued over the weekend ZANU PF Midlands Provincial Youth League Secretary for Administration, Cde Mayor Wadyajena said “equally worrying is the illegal and treasonous leaking of sensitive and confidential official documents to characters such as the exiled and discredited Jonathan Moyo.

“As President Mnangagwa has stated, we indeed have wolves in sheep’s clothing within the ZANU PF ranks and civil service, surreptitiously working with infiltrators and turncoats to destabilise this Government. We call upon the authorities to hunt down compromised Comrades, weed them and to decisively deal with them.”



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