By Lonias Majoni- Harare Correspondent



The outbreak of Corona Virus (Covid 19) pandemic became a worldwide threat to humanity resulting in the pandemic being declared a global disaster. ZANU PF as a revolutionary party, through its First Secretary and President, H.E. Cde E.D. Mnangagwa has exemplified and hammered on the importance of national Unity, in the fight against the pandemic.


So commonly used, the word “Unity” is usually generalized as a cliché. However; ZANU PF as a party has demonstrated pragmatism through extolling values of Unity and Oneness at a time the nation and the entire globe are going through difficult times. Unity is part of ZANU PF maxim; Unity, Peace and Development.



In handling the Covid19 pandemic, President Mnangagwa and his Vice Presidents have proved to be quintessential leaders with unconditional love, support and empathy for the people. Since the outbreak, the President has been hands on deck in handling the pandemic.


Iniquitous elements have been trying to worsen the situation by instigating public unrest through fuelling strikes in the medical fraternity, purveying falsehoods about the pandemic and sabotaging the President and the Nation by way of contentious water cuts. However, the President and the entire ZANUPF Leadership have stood firm with the people, focusing on how best the pandemic can be stopped from spreading.


The President has made a number of notable response mechanisms to thwart the wrath of Covid19. He has called for friends and various stakeholders to come together towards fighting the pandemic and there has been positive responses thus far, leading to many developments that include the revamping of the Harare City Council run Wilkins Hospital; which hitherto has been just an old and outdated colonial health facility, into a modern facility that will be able to accommodate and assist the infected.  In the same vein, the St Anne’s Hospital is also being resuscitated.


Other health facilities and response mechanisms have also been activated to combat the pandemic. What is heart-warming is that the President and Vice Presidents are constantly in touch with the Nation, updating the country as well as assuring people to be strong and hopeful in these trying times.



Driven by the spirit of love and Unity, stakeholders and institutions have all come in support of the President’s call in fighting the pandemic through financial, material and moral support. In the Health sector, medical personnel like nurses have volunteered to assist the Government. The business community has made donations like fuel, money and materials needed to combat the pandemic.


Even international organizations and friendly countries like the Chinese Communities in Zimbabwe have also come on board. Above all citizens in Zimbabwe have swiftly complied with the President’s Lockdown directive aimed at minimizing the spread of the virus.


Let us rally each other to defeat this pandemic. Yes, in unity it is possible.

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