War Veterans called to unite

War Veterans called to unite

War Veterans called to unite


By Ndafadza Madanha - ZANU PF Information Department

ZANU PF secretary for War Veterans Affairs, Cde Douglas Mahiya has urged war veterans to unite in advocating for their rights and building a strong league within the revolutionary Party.

Addressing War Veterans at the ZANU PF Party Headquarters yesterday, Cde Mahiya said veterans of the liberation struggle will ensure that the envisioned law to cater for their rights benefits bona-fide beneficiaries.

He also said the War Veterans bill must cater for collaborators and non-combat cadres.

“Advocating for our rights is not a sin or transgression. As was succinctly and eloquently put across by the 1951 Nobel Peace Prize winner Ralph Bronche who had this to say “None can speak more eloquently for peace than those who fought for in war”

“As commanders I request for your dedicated contribution in the manner in which we should proceed in building a vibrant, effective and coherent League that would positively respond to your needs.

 "I plead with you to assist us in crafting proper and acceptable processes for accommodating our war collaborators as well as non-combatant cadres. The Bill should be water tight in discriminating the members who want to fraudulently misrepresent bona fide beneficiaries”.

Cde Mahiya said the meeting with war veterans is expected to come up with special recommendations that cement fundamental principles of the revolution.

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