War Veterans to become a wing in become the Party

War Veterans to become a wing in become the Party

War Veterans to become a wing in become the Party


By Margaret Kamba - ZANU PF Information Department

ZANU PF Secretary for War Veterans ,Cde Douglas Mahiya says the move to have the war veterans become a wing of the Party will rejuvenate it.
The Politburo resolved this decision at the 333rd session held this Wednesday.

“The Ratification is to complete the process according to the Constitution as a matter of procedure. This move to include war vets as a League means rejuvenation for the Party. They prosecuted the liberation struggle and this has been maintained ever since. The Party will be much stronger and this is in line with SADC which has Former Liberation Movements who have wings.
Addressing ZEPPDRA to communicate the Politburo decision, at the Party Headquarters, Cde Mahiya urged them to gear up for the work ahead.

“I came to let you know of the latest development. We were working as an affiliate to the Party but we are now a wing just as the Women’s League. I am happy that President and First Secretary of the Party, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa is a listening leader. The value of a commander is not in his position but in understanding and solving the problems of his fellows,” Cde Mahiya said.

“We are in the process of giving honour to the places where you were imprisoned and detained. People should know the history behind such places as Gonakudzingwa and Sikombela. Schools should be opened in these places where people will be taught about what happened so that this part of history is not forgotten.
“In due course we will come and form the League structures. You know your sections and battalions. When the structure is put in place, you will give direction to the Party. You have to protect the Party and you have no room to fail. The Party will rely on you because you are very useful to the Party. I urge you to remove the key-hole mentality of waiting for people to do things for you. Fight for your rights," said Cde Mahiya.

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