By Kudzai Furusa

Members of the public have been urged to make use of the just launched whistle blower application which Zimbabwe Anti- Corruption Commission (ZACC) launched.

This was said by ZACC Chairperson Justice Loice Matanda-Moyo today when she launched the application.

Last year, ZACC released contacts which the public could use to report corruption cases.

The Commission has always guaranteed security for whistle blowers. ZACC has also been very instrumental in the arrest of several high ranking officials and several other individuals.

“It is at times like today where the Covid19 pandemic is ravaging communities that such an innovation assists the Commission to execute its mandate within minimum human physical conduct.

“I therefore cannot over-emphasize the mere significance of this platform and I encourage the members of the public to use it,” said Matanda-Moyo.

Writing on their twitter handle ZACC assured citizens of their safety after reporting.

“The recently launched whistle blower platform provides easy access to an instantaneous, anonymous and straight forward reporting tool, empowering citizens to report safely, loudly and visibly,” wrote ZACC.

The ZACC tip off application can be accessed on

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