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Many people have been asking the question, why the 21 days of lockdown? It appears queer for a business man or woman selling his wares at Mbare or Kaguvi Street. To a bored married couple, it is God’s prayers answered as some marriages will be healed while the cracked marriages might probably end up in divorce.


However, the medical industry understands very well that the number 21 is scientific and is crucial in containing this pandemic. That recipe mixed with a few other traditional remedies will probably save the entire nation.


The science is that in three weeks, the flue it is believed would have blown over and with social distancing and the lockdown, it is virtually cost effective.


Politburo member Dr David Parirenyatwa says eating healthy food will save your life.


“Corona Virus is a flue-like illness with distinct symptoms such as sneezing, fever, a dry cough and shortness of breath.  It is therefore important to wash hands always so that the spread of the disease is lessened. This is the reason why President and First Secretary of the ZANU PF Party Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa declared a 21 day lockdown.


This is good for social distancing because it stops the spread of the virus. At the moment local transmission of the virus is low and we want to avoid the spread of the virus,” Cde Parirenyatwa said.


“Eating a balanced diet helps build one’s immunity. Fruits and vegetables have vitamin C, eating beans which is high in protein is good while enough bed rest of at least six to seven hours is also needed. Exercise which may include running around or walking must be done and being stress free generally.”


Precautionary measures to be taken are washing hands more often if staying with other people and maintain respiratory distance and coughing people should not use bare hands so to avoid spreading. This will assist people to stay safe in all ways.


Week one:

Everyone is at home and the infected develop symptoms and are isolated. Healthy people will stay healthy. 80 percent of those who get symptoms unaware if they mix with other people are likely to spread the disease. 20 percent severely suffer during this first week.


Week two:

Those with symptoms from first week begin to recover then the newly infected begin to show symptoms while the worst affected get admitted and the healthy stay healthy.


Week three:

Those with symptoms and isolated will recover and will not infect others. After three weeks all people with symptoms and isolated would have been noticed

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