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Women’s league

Give President massive support: Chinomona

Shekinah Ndoma

ZANU PF secretary for Women’s League, Cde Mabel Chinomona, says President Mnangagwa needs to be given an overwhelming mandate for him to continue on the same course, urging women to actively canvass for support for him for this year’s elections.

Cde Chinomona said yester-year mistakes which characterized the previous administration should not be tolerated as gossip mongers have no place in the ruling party, a results-oriented administration.

“How are you hitting the ground running? We do not want people who hit the ground running to spread gossip. The tendency of gossiping in the Women’s League, which characterized the previous administration, will not be tolerated.”

“Persuade people to come to Zanu-PF and also show them that there is love in the party. Talk to them and understand them so that you can proffer solutions to the issues they are faced with,” she added.

Cde Chinomona said people should not be motivated to join the party for leadership positions.

“Let us be organized as women,” she said. “We have hope for a better future as women under the leadership of President Mnangagwa.

“With his leadership, we have better prospects of being successful women. The President gave himself 100 days to implement tangible projects.”

Cde Chinomona said legislators were under pressure to deliver by building dams, sinking boreholes, while improving the general standards of life of the people.

“So, as women, what have you prepared as targets for the 100 days at your home?” she said.

Cde Chinomona said President Mnangagwa had forgiven members of the G40 group, even those who poisoned him.

She cautioned that such people should show contrition and accept the new political administration and urged the women’s league to be heavily involved in the forthcoming harmonized elections.

Cde Chinomona said the revolutionary party had designed new regalia, which will be distributed to all party members in two weeks’ time.

Cde Chinomona said the party had designed standard and timeless regalia, which does not have mug-shots of leaders as was the case with the former First Secretary, Cde Robert Mugabe.

“We sat down and said all the party regalia that we had, had images of former President Mugabe. So this time we agreed that we want party regalia that is timeless and that has no images of individuals. We want all the coming generations to inherit the regalia.
“We are looking forward to start distributing the regalia in all provinces and districts in the next two weeks. We do not want people who abuse this regalia. We want transparency in the distribution of the regalia. Every party member and supporter should get the regalia right down to cell level,” she said.

Cde Chinomona said women should advocate for more inclusion of females in politics and in senior Government posts.

She urged women to support other women so that they are represented at all levels of leadership.

Women’s League kicks off for Campaigns

Shekinah Ndoma

ZANU PF Women’s League has started its campaign which kicks off from the 3rd June to 10th July ahead of the coming elections scheduled for July 30.

President Mnangagwa has proclaimed July 30, this year as the election date.

The team is made up of the Secretary for ZANU PF Women Affairs Cde Mabel Chinomona, ZANU PF Politburo member and Deputy Secretary for Women Affairs Cde Thokozile Mathuthu and Cde Monica Mutsvangwa among others.

They will visit all provinces right around Zimbabwe to strengthen their support base through meeting the people and attending to their problems as well as mobilising to vote for the revolutionary party in the coming elections.

In an interview with Secretary for Women Affairs, Cde Mabel Chinomona, said the women’s league will be campaigning in all the country’s 10 provinces.

“The women’s league will be unpacking ZANU policies to the people. The league will not only preach politics, but will also focus on the economic side with the main focus on the party’s manifesto.”

She made it clear that the Women’s League was way past days of politics with more talk and less action.

She promised that, unlike other political parties who offer people material goods to buy votes, the Women’s League would only conduct their campaigns in affair way.
“We are tired of people who talk more, giving the people of Zimbabwe false promises. The people of Zimbabwe are not looking for a $10 note that runs out on the same day but they want long term tangible results.

We are also tired of female candidates who show up during the critical period towards elections.

“The main reason why people do not get voted for is that they are not known. It is very important for everybody who wishes to become a representative of the people to interact with their constituency, attend funerals, wedding and get them scholarships if you can.
The main agenda is to make them easily understand and believe in you.

So as the Women’s League, we have devoted ourselves to go out there support each other and also most importantly strengthen our president’s position.

When I go to my constituency, I put up in a classroom if I have to so that the people that I serve get to understand me and know me on a personal level. I really wish every woman out there could be humble and appeal to many people,” said Chinomona.




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