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ZANU PF, the Party of the future has urged patriotic Zimbabweans not to fall for the USA sponsored mass demonstrations, slated for the end of this month, a ZANU PF Politburo member has said.

This comes following disclosures that the U.S.A Harare Embassy had set aside a US$300 000 budget towards planned mass demonstrations.

Speaking to the ZANU PF Department of Information and Publicity in Harare yesterday, ZANU PF Acting Secretary for Information and Publicity Cde Patrick Chinamasa, said there would not be a repeat of Libya, Syria or Iraq in Zimbabwe.

Cde Chinamasa said the Party would not lose sleep over the planned demonstrations as it remained focused on seeing through its people centred development programmes spelt out in the ZANU 2018 People’s Manifesto.

“ZANU PF is the Party of the future. If we fail as black people and ZANU PF, there is no other Party which is people centred. It is only ZANU PF which is people centred. So we do not want a situation where people are misled and they are not corrected and they end up doing the wrong things,” Cde Chinamasa said.

He added: “We have evidence of this all over the place. Libya is one such example, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. In Libya, they were the most prosperous country. All they did was to make babies, the State took care of everything including when you got married and you were given a house. But they were unable to manage the forces that were at play.”

Cde Chinamasa said the western imperialist were determined at stalling Africans from owning their resources.

“That is the situation we find ourselves in as ZANU PF. They will never forgive us for embarking on Land Redistribution. When they appear friendly, do not believe them. Be like a cat and sleep with one eye open. They may just want to gain your confidence so that you may throw away your defences.”

ZANU PF National Political Commissar Cde Victor Matemadanda, weighed in saying people need to be wary of the ploy by the enemy to destabilize the Government.

“People need to be aware of the enemy’s efforts to destabilize the Party by peddling lies and misinformation. They have gone to the extent of opening false Twitter accounts and using mainstream opposition newspapers,” Cde Matemadanda said.

“It is the enemy’s desperation and people need to check the authenticity of the information. They have been talking about the readmission of Cde Nhema and Buka into the Party and no such communication has been done. This is because they want to push an agenda of uniting Thokozani Khupe and Nelson Chamisa. It is a desperate misinformation,” he added.

The U.S.A Harare Embassy’s hand is visible in the 31 July 2020, script to influence demonstrations.

In a leaked WhatsApp chat, it is revealed that the US Embassy in Harare has released US$300k to David Coltart for the 31 July demo where participants will be paid US$20 each. Tererai Sithole is one of the organisers with Charles Hwende being one of the committee chairs.

The U.S has also of late started shifting its focus from traditional non-governmental media organisations in support of online project dubbed digital activism, targeting journalists, youths and urbanites.

The use of 263Chat, Bus Stop TV and Citizen Manifesto have in the past been funded to the tune of US$4, 2 million combined. Citizen Manifesto received US$1 million, @263Chat (US$1, 5 million), Bus Stop TV (US$1, 7 million) and the rest will be administered under the Zimbabwe Human Rights NGO Forum. Magamba Network led by Samm Munroe aka Cde Fatso, who has also received funding to use satire to demonize the Government.

Meanwhile the MDC Alliance has finally come out in the open about its dry coffers with a plea to its supporters and well-wishers to donate to it.

In a tweet over the weekend the MDC Alliance tweetedThe MDC Alliance needs your HELP! We must keep our movement going! Every donation counts. Donate at Our biggest asset is the people. If 5000 Zimbabweans all over the world donate $20, we will have $100,000! Let's RETWEET & make it happen!”

Its spokesperson Fadzayi Mahere also tweeted “If Zimbabweans and friends of the MDC Alliance unite to fund the movement, we can beat the attempt by the system to rob the people's party of funding. Our biggest asset is the PEOPLE. Donate and if you can't donate, RETWEET. Play your part to WIN Zimbabwe for change!”

It goes without saying that the events occurring in the MDC Alliance over the past months have been nothing but money making ventures which did not really yield the intended results.


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