ZANU PF activates its structures to defend Zimbabwe peace

ZANU PF activates its structures to defend Zimbabwe peace

ZANU PF activates its structures to defend Zimbabwe peace

By David Mwanza

The Revolutionary ZANU PF Party has activated its structures nationwide to remain alert and ready to protect the newly found freedoms brought about by the New Dispensation which were under threat from the MDC-A planned demonstrations.

This was revealed by the Party’s Acting Secretary for Information and Publicity, Cde Patrick Chinamasa during a ZANU PF Special Press Brief held at the Party Headquarters in Harare this afternoon.

Cde Chinamasa was flanked by Politburo members, Cdes Mike Bimha, Douglas Mahiya and ZANU PF Director for Information and Publicity, Cde Tafadzwa Mugwadi.

“ZANU PF calls upon our structures to remain alert and ready to defend themselves, defend our people, their property and most importantly, defend peace in their communities against these malcontents, hired hooligans and hoodlums who rejoice at burning properties and looting,” Cde Chinamasa said.

Cde Chinamasa reminded peace loving Zimbabweans that they enjoyed the rights to self-defence under the country’s constitution.

“Indeed, ZANU PF unambiguously reminds our people that self-defence is a right especially when your security is under threat from these violent so called protesters,” he said.

He added: “As long as ZANU PF is the ruling party, I reiterate that violence will never be permitted to revisit our societies the manner it turned out on 1 august and 14 to 16 January 2019. Pasi ne donga Watonga. Akubaira zanhi ndewako.”

Cde Chinamasa also urged peace loving Zimbabweans to shy away from the U.S.A sponsored demonstrations that were being fronted by the MDC-A.

“As the Ruling Party, ZANU PF advises our people to shy away from being misled onto a deadly path by merchants of death who have no interest on the safety and security of our people and regrettably, those who have no interest in the general welfare of our people.

“ZANU PF calls upon our people to reject imposters like the MDC Alliance, a political party which has since its formation thrown the interests of the country and the people to the dust bin in favour of neo-colonial interests which our people and the Party fought to defeat,” Cde Chinamasa said.

Cde Chinamasa also chided the U.SA for importing domestic terrorism into Zimbabwe while abhorring the same in its backyard.

“If the violent activities perpetrated by the MDC opposition were acts done in Europe or the United States of America they would have been branded a terrorist organisation which in fact is what they are, along with their Trojan horses like the Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union, Crisis in Zimbabwe Coalition and others which depend on foreign funding to promote their anti-people activities,” said a fully charged Cde Chinamasa.



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