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ZANU PF affiliates demand Sikhala Withdraw statement

By Margaret Kamba
Zimbabwe African National Union Patriot Front (ZANU PF) affiliates have issued a stern warning to
opposition MDC’s vice chairperson Job Sikhala following his remarks to overthrow President and
First Secretary of the ZANU PF party Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa before his term of office expires in
MDC’s Sikhala made the remarks at a rally in Bikita, Masvingo Province on Saturday during its rural
outreach and mobilisation ahead of what the party says will be the ultimate demonstration to “bring
Zimbabwe to a new dawn.”
Speaking during a press conference held at the ZANU PF headquarters Monday afternoon, Cde
Taurai Kandishaya President of the Zimbabwe Revolutionary Patriotic Youth Network ZIRAPAYON
said the affiliates will not tolerate Sikhala’s remarks and are prepared to defend Zimbabwe’s
“On behalf of the affiliates to the ruling ZANU PF party, we are issuing our statement in response to
remarks made by one Job Sikhala over the weekend to overthrow the government led by Cde
Emmerson Mnangagwa,” Kandishaya said.
“We have noted with great concern that he is threatening to overthrow President Emmerson
Mnangagwa. 2018 was a year with freedom of expression and democracy where people campaigned
freely without any violence. They should appreciate the leadership of President Mnangagwa.”
Kandishaya said the MDC should not mistake this democracy for cowardice and urged the law
enforcement agents not to arrest Sikhala as they will not have access to him. He said many
Zimbabweans are expecting President Emmerson Mnangagwa to change their fortunes hence the
need to thwart plans to overthrow him.
ZANU PF in its 2018 People’s Manifesto promised to create jobs, fight corruption, re-engage,
develop and unite the people of Zimbabwe.
Over 300 000 jobs have been created through the numerous companies opened among them Karo
Resources, ZIMASCO, Davipel Trading while billions of dollars of investment has been poured into
the country.
“We give him 72 hours to withdraw his statement because if it is easy for him to overthrow this
government, it is easier to overthrow him as an individual. We are saving the country by silencing
him because of his treasonous statements.
“We will defend our sovereignty. We will defend our country because we are first Zimbabweans and
politicians later.”
ZANU PF affiliates present included the Children of the War Veterans, ZILWACO Trust, ZICOSU and
Broad Alliance Against Sanctions.