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President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Thursday addressed the ZANU PF Youth Assembly in Harare where he commended them for being resolute in defending the party and the President after he scolded them last time for failing to do so.

“The President acknowledges that the Youth League is slowly awakening from its slumber after he chastised them last year. He said ‘murikumuka mbichana mbichana, rambai muchimuka” ZANU PF Patriots said in a statement.

“The President commended the Youth League for playing a proactive role in the relief efforts in the Cyclone Idai disaster areas. He said that he was impressed when he met some Youthful Cdes in their Party regalia on the ground helping.”

Mnangagwa further challenged the Youth League to continue to spearhead development of Sustainable Youth Development through incubation programs.

He clarified that the government of Zimbabwe will never pay for any land acquired under the land reform. Mnangagwa said that the land was fought for and will never be paid for however that it is in accordance with our Constitution that compensation is paid for improvements and secondary infrastructure on the acquired farms.

“This is strictly a Constitutional matter.” Mnangagwa said.

Also in a statement, ZANU PF Secretary for Information and Publicity Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo said Malema demonstrated with malicious ignorance his incapacity to comprehend the history of Zimbabwe’s Land Reform Programme and liberation struggle.
He said for Malema to insult President Mnangagwa who is a distinghished freedom foghter and a man of impeccable liberation war credentials, defies logic.

Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle was about land and freedom which the country managed to attain hence the independence celebrations on the 18th of April each year since 1980.