By Kudzai Furusa

ZANU PF Secretary for War Veterans Cde Douglas Mahiya says ZANU PF has a tone, character, dressing and does not associate itself with failure.

He went on to say that War Veterans disassociate themselves with the so called war veterans whose audio is circulating on social media saying their language seems to have been sponsored.

This he said yesterday at the Mashonaland East Provincial Co-ordinating Committee meeting in Marondera where he said what was said in the audio means nothing because no one can just wake up today and tell the First Secretary of ZANU PF and President His Excellency Cde E.D Mnangagwa what to do and expect him to comply.

Cde Mahiya highlighted that there is an video circulating on social media of people claiming to be war veterans criticizing the President and Party. He said a person who knows the Party Constitution knows that President Mnangagwa is the one who gives the vision and that is were the Party’s ideology comes from.

Cde Mahiya went on to say that no one has the power or can just wake up to tell the President what they are thinking and the President adheres to that.

“I cannot speak for that video and those people because I do not know who they are and they have not come through the correct channels led by the President. If they are in an Association it is not superior to the League its inferior. We do not know who they are, if they are not part of the Association or the League. We do not register it, it doesn’t belong to us. We disassociate ourselves with such things," Cde Mahiya said.

“Such language seems like its sponsored by some people elsewhere because I don’t even have the strength and power to say bad things to Chairman of the Province. If they are genuine Comrades with concerns they should join the League and speak out. As war veterans we don’t allow that."

Cde Mahiya went on to say that what they said meant nothing because people had to go through the proper channels of communication.

“President bestowed a League so that anyone with something to say could talk in line with the League's rules and regulations. No one goes on television to tell the nation what they think. It means nothing and it will not change anything, that’s not how things operate," he said.

“We do not want War vets who do that. These so called War vets are not part and parcel of the plans of the Party and Associations, they are not there. You cannot just form a group and say such words. They are a disgrace. If they are War vets, they should join others and join an Association and speak their minds there and their grievances channeled up till it reaches the President.”

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