By Lonias Majoni


The Revolutionary and Ruling Party, ZANU PF’s MPs have agreed to channel a huge percentage of their basic salaries to help fellow Zimbabweans; amid the Corona Virus pandemic that has hit the entire globe.


Speaking to this publication this afternoon, ZANU PF Chief Whip, Hon Cde Pupurai Togarepi highlighted that all ZANU PF Members of Parliament have volunteered to channel a sum of ZW$1000 each, towards the fight against COVID 19 in the country.


“We have been humbled by our President’s illustrious work in combating this deadly pandemic. He has been hands on deck, leading from the front. He has made calls for unity of purpose and cooperation during this dark chapter and already the response has been overwhelming from private players, international community among others. As Legislators, we have vowed to complement His efforts in our small way on top of other responsibilities that we have started to shoulder in our constituencies towards fighting the spread of this global pandemic” said Cde Togarepi.


The ZANU PF Chief Whip went on to express the extent of their commitment to the fight against COVID19. “Our President has a family that needs him in these dark moments but he has demonstrated self-denial by keeping his hands on the ground in a clear demonstration of servant leadership. He is always with us, on the ground, visiting various parts of the country to assess the situation. This has definitely inspired us as legislators and invoked our inner thoughts to be in solidarity with the People’s Leader and follow his footsteps in serving the Nation.”


He said beside this gesture, they were engaged in their constituencies to provide both moral and material support where they can to the people as well as disseminating information to them about this pandemic.


“Beyond this gesture of donating part of our salaries, we have also emulated the Head of State and Government’s empathy and love for the people such that we are already rolling out programs to cater for the welfare of people in our constituencies, during this gloomy chapter and we will soon be informing you of the developments in that regard”.


Following the outbreak of the deadly pandemic, COVID19, President ED Mnangagwa called the Nation to work in unison beyond political, racial and ethnic lines towards fighting the deadly infection. In response to his call and in what many have described as a show of trust and faith in Cde Mnangagwa’s leadership; the International Community, the Chinese Community in Zimbabwe, among others as well as various players from the Private and Public Sector, rose to the occasion to work with the Government. In addition, the general Public have been cooperative with authorities regarding the President’s 21 Day-Lock Down Directive.


Sadly, there have been attempts here and there by some histrionic political players who attempted to hijack the pandemic into an ideal platform for grandstanding but offering no help to the affected masses. As expected, Zimbabweans have ignored them leading some of them to peevishly retire to bed in dejection.


In other countries like South Africa, opposition parties have demonstrated genuine love for the People by walking the talk and engaging in various initiatives meant to complement the Government in fighting COVID19.

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