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ZANU PF has pledged its uncompromising support and solidarity for the Palestinian government following relations dating back to the liberation struggle of Zimbabwe.


This was said by the ZANU PF Secretary for External Relations Cde Simbarashe Mumbengegwi during a courtesy call by the Palestinian Charge de Affairs at the Party Headquarters. Tensions between Palestine and Israel date back for many years.


The Secretary assured the Palestinian government for ZANU PF’s solidarity and support highlighting that when it comes to self-determination, support and solidarity, Palestine can always rely on Zimbabwe. He said Zimbabwe was also a beneficiary of such solidarity to achieve its independence hence this duty and obligation to do the same.


He said the relationship between our ZANU PF Party and the PLO goes very far, dating back in the history of our two Parties. The two countries have always supported each other during our liberation struggle and in solidarity with one another.


He said Zimbabwe has always supported the Palestinian cause and was one of the first African countries to open a Palestinian Embassy in Harare much to the anger of the Americans who questioned Zimbabwe had made such an honour to the PLO.

The then Palestinian Ambassador to Zimbabwe Cde Ali Halimeh was to rise become the Dean of the Diplomatic Corp. Several attempts were made to exert pressure to change that situation but Zimbabwe had maintained that rules were rules that the most senior Ambassador automatically became the Dean of Diplomatic Community.


Cde Mumbengegwi highlighted the hypocrisy of the Americans who are bent on destroying ZANU PF and its Government and yet have built the biggest Embassy in Africa on the Zimbabwean soil. In response to the Ambassador’s observations that Zimbabwe had diplomatic relations with Israel, Cde Mumbengegwi noted that the Americans are not Zimbabwe’s best of friends and yet  they have built the largest Embassy in Harare, indicating that diplomatic relations are not neccesaarily a sign of good or friendly relations.


Cde Mumbengegwi noted with concern that Palestinian neighbours were normalising relations with Israel and highlighted that this is not in their best interests and that he hoped they would soon realize that this is not in their best interest but a form of self-betrayal as Israel can never be trusted.


Palestinian Charge de Affairs Counselor Salim Siam thanked the Secretary for receiving him highlighting that Zimbabwe’s support at this trying time is very crucial for his country.


He said his country was there to further consolidate our solidarity and friendship adding that since last year a lot of developments had occurred with the American government ignoring the rights of the Palestinian people to exercise their sovereignty and violating the international laws.


He added that they were also disturbed by some of their brothers who were rushing to normalise relations with the Israel. He said the Palestinians continue with their struggle and holding on to their principles, rights and the agreements. He urged African friends not to rush and normalize relations with Israel




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