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ZANU PF Acting Secretary for Information and Publicity and Party Spokesperson Cde Patrick Chinamasa has castigated ANC’s Secretary General Ace Magushule on his statements during an interview on eNCA.

Cde Magashule has been seen on eNCA being interviewed where he is accusing the ZANU PF Gvt of human rights abuse which are baseless considering that his sources are self-exiled Saviour Kasukuwere and friends.

Cde Chinamasa issued a Statement on ZANU PF’s response to ANC’s Ace Magashule remarks yesterday saying his utterrances are misinformed and baseless.

“ZANU PF takes strong exception to the utterances that have been attributed to Cde Ace Magashule, the Secretary General of ANC where he appeared hoodwinked by those seeking to destabilize Zimbabwe through peddling social media falsehoods. As a revolutionary sister, it has never been in our tradition to censure a fellow revolutionary movement or leaders using megaphone approaches, more so when such utterances are misinformed and baseless to say the least," Cde Chinamasa said.

“ZANU PF categorically states that Cde Magashule’s utterances were completely out of order. For the record, there is no brutality of whatsoever form happening in Zimbabwe but enforcement of Lock Down regulations in line with recommendations by the World Health Organisation and our Ministry of Health and Child Care and what has become common practice on #Covid19."

Cde Chinamasa also highlighted that there are no exiled Zimbabweans in South Africa but they were rather fugitives of justice.

“Secondly there is no Zimbabwean who was exiled to South Africa by our Government nor the Party. Referring to fugitives of justice who escaped this country to find safe haven in South Africa as exiles when they dodged various corruption crimes committed during the previous administration is not only hypocritical but absolutely hogwash,” he said.

Cde Magashule was adviced that his so called evidence was based on old videos some of which were imported from situations outside Zimbabwe.

“To find therefore a person of the stature of the Secretary General of the ANC making such deplorable utterances on the basis of old videos some of which have been imported from situations outside Zimbabwe but attributed to Zimbabwe in the past, being resurrected by keyboards activities is an embarrasement not only to himself but the organisation he represents.”

Cde Magashule was told that he should have instead sought clarification from his counterpart ZANU PF Secretary for Administration Cde Obert Mpofu before saying anything in public.

Cde Chinamasa went on to highlight that different countries have employed different measures and tactics to enforce Covid19 lockdown measures to a non-compliant public to protect their lives.

To that he gave instances where the South African soldiers have beaten, maimed and killed innocent civilians during the course of their duties but Zimbabwean Government have not once uttered a single word knowing fully well that ANC can handle their own internal affairs.

ZANU PF respects the South African’s sovereignty in dealing and handling internal matters whenever they arise and Cde Chinamasa expressed his disappointment with Cde Magashule who sought to become a collusive player in support of those working to undermine Zimbabwe and its Government.

He ends by saying Zimbabwe deserves respect for taking the path towards the complete decolonisation of previously colonised countries.

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