1. ZANU PF gives “Thumps Up” and supports His Excellency President E.D. Mnangagwa and the ZANU PF government for concluding the Global compensation agreement with organisations representing former white commercial farmers. The agreement was signed on 30 July, 2020 and it provides principally the following:
  2. An agreed Global sum of USD 3.5 billion for the compensation on improvements on land compulsorily acquired under the land reform programme, it being noted that the agreement was preceded by a joint evaluation of these improvements by government and representatives of the consortium representing former commercial white farmers. The evaluation exercise has not been an overnight thing. It took many years of building trust and confidence between government and farmers organisations;
  3. A measured time frame within which the debt is to be liquidated.


  1. Modalities on mobilising the necessary resources locally and globally to pay compensation for the improvements.


  1. An unwritten underlying understanding that the farmers organisations which are party to the agreement and their constituent members will cease being a hostile element against Zimbabwe and its people internally, regionally and internationally. In other words, from now on, we move as one people.


  1. ZANU PF wishes it known worldwide, that the agreement just concluded has its blessings and full support. ZANU PF consider the agreement a milestone and a significant phase in its march towards the attainment of President Mnangagwa’s vision 2030 and the achievement of the goal of total economic emancipation of the people of Zimbabwe. It is a landmark consolidation of the gains of our revolution in Zimbabwe.


  1. In our long journey towards total empowerment and independence, the people of Zimbabwe must not lose sight or memory of the difficult revolutionary decision ZANU PF took on their behalf and I point out and remind you of the three which are relevant to this press conference:


  1. Under the banner of the two revolutionary parties ZAPU and ZANU a decision was taken in 1963 to mount an armed struggle to regain our lost land, freedom, our sovereignty, our independence and our human rights which had been trampled upon by colonisers George Floyd like style.
  2. The core grievance motivating the armed struggle was the Land Question. The colonial brutality that accompanied the dispossession of our land and the broad daylight theft of our cattle and livestock were events still fresh in the minds of the dispossessed and their descendants. Many sons and daughters of Zimbabwe paid the supreme sacrifice during the armed struggle and lost their lives.
  3. The 17 years of protracted armed struggle forced the colonising power and its local agents, the white settler community to the negotiating table in 1979 and they agreed to surrender power to the indigenous population at the Lancaster House Conference. At this conference the liberation movements ZANU and ZAPU under the banner of the Patriotic Front and following undertakings given by the British and the USA governments to make resources available for compensating white settler famers for the land, agreed to postpone resolution of the land question for 10 years after independence during which time the British and the USA were to provide resources for the acquisition of land for resettlement purposes on a “Willing Seller Willing Buyer” basis.


  1. Come the expiry of the 10 years in 1990 the “Willing Seller Willing Buyer” as a basis for redressing a historical injustice had failed to achieve the intended result. When Zimbabwe called upon the British government to make available the resources, the Conservative government first under Prime Minister Margret Thatcher and then under Prime Minister John Mayor cooperated and reached an understanding on a time framed agreement to provide the resources to allow for payment of compensation for both land and improvements under a scheme of compulsory acquisition of land. British Prime minister Tony Blair, the Leader of the Labour Party reneged on this agreement and instead under the West Minister’s foundation founded and funded the MDC with the primary and sole purpose to oppose the land redistribution programme and to effect regime change.


  1. Following the British reneging on their commitments our revolutionary Party ZANU PF took an important step in our struggle for total and complete economic emancipation and freedom of our people. ZANU PF took a decision to compulsorily acquire in excess of 11 million hectares of land for redistribution to the land-less and pay compensation for improvements only and not for land. When ZANU PF took this revolutionary decision we all sighed “we have crossed the Rubicon, damn the consequences”
  2. In reaction to the revolutionary decision two groups, emerged from our midst and trooped and globe trotted to the western capitals including the white commonwealth countries Australia and Canada these are:


  1. The farmers’ organisations in particular the Commercial Farmers Union of Zimbabwe (CFU) and the Southern African Commercial Farmers Alliance Zimbabwe went abroad and asked for two things from their kith and kin, military invasion of Zimbabwe to stop and reverse the land redistribution programme embarked upon by the revolutionary Party ZANU PF and if that failed, to impose sanctions “to make Zimbabwe’s Economy scream.” Tony Blair contemplated military invasion. Former President Thabo Mbeki intervened by way of refusing military bases for the invasion and thereby saved our people. As a reaction, Mr Blair persuaded the European Union and the white commonwealth countries and the USA to impose sanctions on Zimbabwe. These sanctions remain to this day. As they globe trotted the story line of the Commercial Farmers Union and the Southern African Commercial Farmers Alliance Zimbabwe, to their kith and kin was “Our land has been stolen by the natives, help us to regain our land and teach them a lesson.”
  2. The MDC as founded and funded by the British West Minister Foundation, also took to the skies and globe-trotted to western capitals asking for military invasion against people of Zimbabwe and also demanded imposition of sanctions in order to stop and reverse the revolutionary land redistribution programme. The MDC’s story line as they globe trotted was “Our master’s land has been stolen by our fellow natives. They are bad people, these fellow natives: help us to restore the land stolen to our masters.”



  1. The conclusion of the Global Compensation Agreement is therefore in our struggle, a giant step of historic proportions towards consolidation of the gains of our revolution in the following respects:
  2. It is an acceptance by the white commercial farmers that with respect to compensation for land they should look elsewhere and not to the People of Zimbabwe nor the Zimbabwe Government. In terms of section 72(7) of our constitution, the obligations to pay compensation for land was placed squarely on the shoulders of the former colonial power, the British.
  3. By agreeing on the amount of compensation for improvements and the time frame for payment and the modalities for raising the resource, ZANU PF wishes it to be known that it does no longer consider Commercial Farmers Union and the Southern Commercial Farmers Alliance Zimbabwe to be anti-land the land re-distribution programme and therefore calls upon the organisations concerned (CFU & SCFAZ) to demand the unconditional lifting of sanctions. As we go into the future ZANU PF expects the voice of the two organisations in calling for the unconditional lifting of the sanctions to be loud, clear and unambiguous.
  4. A remaining counter revolutionary force in our midst still calling for the continuation and intensification of sanctions against Zimbabwe and its people is the MDC Alliance and its running dogs in the NGO’s and evil societies affiliated to it. ZANU PF says to the MDC Alliance and its vocal anti-people leaders that “now the people of Zimbabwe have reached a settlement with your masters, what still remains your cause.?” ZANU PF therefore calls upon the remnants of the splitting MDC alliances to do one and only one patriotic thing in their lives, and call for the unconditional lifting of sanctions against our people
  5. I cannot conclude this press conference without making a comment on the noises from South of Limpopo coming from none other than the G40 aligned EFF led by Julius Malema. Unhappily he has swallowed hook, sink and line, the misinformation and disinformation fed to him by G40 rebels exiled there who I must point out are without a cause.

For the education of Mr Malema and his moribund band, they must know that firstly, they are not Zimbabwe’s official opposition Party. We have enough headache from the foreign, recruited and funded MDC opposition and its foreign funded NGOs who number in excess of 5000 in a small country such as ours with a population of not more than 15 million. We are not short of enemies by reason of our revolutionary stance on behalf of our people and world. Don’t add the EFF to the list of our enemies! You have a tendency of using your loudmouth to speak on subjects you know nothing about. You have not bothered to read our constitution. For the record our current constitution was approved in a National Referendum and Parliament in 2013.

ZANU PF and the MDC collaborated in that endeavour, but as soon as they lost the 2013 Harmonised Elections, the neo-colonial mentality of the MDC reasserted itself and they returned calling for the continuation and intensification of illegal sanctions to achieve regime change and a reversal of the Land Redistribution Programme, forgetting that the policy of the Land Question had been entrenched in Section 72 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s Revolution has had many pitfalls. Often it required that we take one or two steps back. A revolutionary path is never a straight line.

The Biblical trek of the Israelites from Egypt to the promised land, New Canaan epitomises a great many revolutionary journeys. There are those who would not take or suffer the pain and deprivations encountered on the journey and want to go back to oppression of Egypt or Rhodesia. [A Result of Short Memories]. Perhaps unwittingly the EFF under Julius Malema’s leadership wants to take the people of Zimbabwe back to the era oppression. In the case of the cause of the Black South Africans, the EFF by breaking ranks from the ANC has helped to undermine the cause of the revolution of the South African people. Making inflammatory speeches and donning red work suits and berets do not make a revolution.

A true revolutionary, which you are not, first and foremost, would acquaint himself with the concrete situation he is facing and plots step by step tactics and strategies on how he can attain his revolutionary goal. By breaking ranks from the ANC, and we don’t know who is funding you, you temporarily destabilised and weakened the black South African’s march towards total economic emancipation and independence. In a revolution, unity of all progressive forces is imperative. You chose the path of disunity and what have you achieved besides making noises? Nothing!! So ZANU PF says to Mr Julius Malema and his EFF, for God’s Sake, stop poking your G40 scented nose in Zimbabwe’s domestic affairs.

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