ZANU PF joins the world over, in condemning the callous murder of a Black African American man, George Floyd, at the hands of white USA Police. The most chilling and devoid of humanity are the circumstances surrounding the killing of this innocent black man who pleaded with his murderers to stop choking him because he could not breathe anymore but they kept on lynching him onto the ground until he passed out.

ZANU PF in solidarity with civil rights movements in the USA, minority groups and the entire global community joins the world in demanding for justice on this matter. The murder of Floyd George comes against the backdrop of reports that Black African Americans and other minorities in the USA are the hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. The callous murder which was witnessed by white accomplice police officers exposes the fact that racism is embedded and institutionalised in the USA. The brutal and ruthless killing of George Floyd by a white Minneapolis Police officer on camera out of no apparent provocation must be an eye-opener that black minorities are at the mercy of successive administrations in the USA. The hypocrisy of the USA as the so called champion of human rights has been exposed. Indeed, the US cannot prefect the world on human rights in light of this latest incident which has among many others left them deprived of the moral high ground to speak or police the world on human rights and democracy.

The murder of this Black African American comes amidst global calls for the USA to close its torture camps in Guantanamo Bay where several Blacks and Muslim communities have been condemned to, following largely, frivolous accusations of being terrorists. Indeed, as we offer our solidarity to the Black communities in the USA whose lives continue to be at risk due to racial discrimination at the hands of authorities. We remember George Floyd’s last words in pain, that ‘I can’t breathe! I am choking!’ These words must become symbols of resistance for the peoples in Cuba, Palestine, Venezuela, Iran, Sudan and Zimbabwe whose lives and developmental aspirations are being choked by the debilitating effects of illegal economic sanctions which have literally suffocated them such that they can’t breathe.

The World’s doubting Thomases must find this callous murder as a clear indication that indeed, the Americans’ imposition of sanctions among many other punitive measures against our country were never aimed at restoring the observation of the rule of law and human rights which the US itself is blatantly and shamelessly perpetrating internally and externally.

Sadly, as the World reflect on the horror circumstances surrounding themurder of George Floyd, we are taken aback by the remarks of one Robert O’Brian, the National Security Advisor to Mr Trump, that Zimbabwe is responsible for the demonstrations rocking every part of the USA as people register their anger over the incident.

While we offer solidarity by calling for justice and the end to institutionalised racism in the USA, we reiterate the statement made by our Minister of Foreign Affairs, Cde SB Moyo, that such allegations are desperate and without any basis. The police officer who murdered Floyd George is not a Zimbabwean, nor is he employed by our police office.


Instead of resorting to blaming us and threatening the innocent people of Zimbabwe who are voicing their concern on social media, we advise Mr Trump to tone down the hostile sound coming out from his trumpet and join our President’s call for global peace, respect for humanity, and an end to all forms of racism.


We acknowledge the right of Zimbabweans to voice their concerns at whatever level, including social media with regards to this matter of global concern, as they are taking lessons from the manner in which the US embassy in Zimbabwe and its troops of sponsored faceless social media accounts particularly on twitter have involved themselves in our internal affairs, based on predetermined positions.

As ZANU PF, built upon the pillars of unity, peace and development, we rally the World to condemn this blatant racial killing and the subsequent ruthless and disproportionate crack-down on peaceful protesters whose only crime thus far is to demand justice. This is not asking for too much and certainly; it can’t be the basis for issuing unbridled threats against our country among others.

ZANU PF will always stand up and raise the red flag in defending vulnerable communities notwithstanding the colour or might of the perpetrator. The majority of our black and coloured people in America today were not there by choice but are descendants of a generation that was forcibly displaced from Africa, their motherland in chains under brutal and inhumane conditions during the slave trade against their will.


They fought for their emancipation from slavery. Today, we remind them that indeed, the fight against racism is a just fight and they must be assured of our solidarity. However, even as we offer this solidarity, we remind those demonstrating to realise that they can still register their anger peacefully without resorting to violence.


We further call upon progressive civil rights moments in the USA as headlined by the #BlacksLivesMatter movement to equally join the peoples of Zimbabwe, Cuba, Venezuela and Sudan in calling for the removal of illegal sanctions imposed on us by successive USA administrations seeking regime change under the cover of human rights and democracy.

We call upon President Trump to reflect on the RE-Engagement calls by our government led by His Excellency, President ED Mnangagwa in order to ensure that our two nations can work together to achieve a better world, as equal partners. Sanctions are an act of war, cowardice and have no place in 21st Century civilization.


Indeed, we reiterate that Zimbabwe does not look at the USA as an adversary, rather it is the USA that does so, through maintaining hostile illegal sanctions and regime change endeavours which Zimbabweans have resiliently resisted.

The murder of George Floyd must be a wake-up call for those in our midst, here in Zimbabwe and the region, that we must always stay vigilant in the face of such injustices which manifest themselves variously but targeting a specific race, the African race.

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