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“However we will guard against those who want to abuse this democracy. This space of democracy must be enjoyed that respect for other people must continue to be entrenched. Our revolutionary party will continue to relate to other revolutionary parties in the region and beyond. here is the message from Esigodini, those who have ears listen, those with eyes see Zanu-PF is boldly on the move. We have an appointment with our destiny and we will not miss it. Zanu-PF will not be destroyed or distracted, it will prosper. Prosperity for our beloved country.”

1420: “I’m happy that all the thematic committees have agreed to fight corruption….we are determined to entrench internal party democracy. We want to entrench the rule of law and constitutionalism in the party and country because it is us who fought an armed struggle to give us democracy,”

1417: “Revitalisation of rural areas must be uppermost in our endeavours, the days of slope sided development must be a thing of the past. Everyone must be onboard and noone must be left behind. The prosperity we seek to achieve by 2030 must be for all our people in every corner of the country,”

1414:  “We shall now need more of our membership to attend this school…the resolutions of this conference will help us as |Government to be more focused guided by the will of the people. We value all the constructive contributions with regards to all the sectors of the economy. I’m happily surprised by the quick understanding and adoption of the concept of devolution,”

1411: “The responsibility to improve the quality of life for our people must be on all of us. We should put behind us the culture of them and us and adopt the culture of us all. The Chitepo School of Ideology should inculcate the ethos and values borne of our liberation struggle,”

1409: “However being specific to the youth, you the youth will take the york of being the leaders of both the party and Government…youths should take up the good we do and desist from the bad we do…we are preachers of perseverance,”

1405: “We must ability to do tracking of progress, monitoring and evaluation the programmes of our people….the party will do its best to fulfil that which we are able to do. However, this conference’s deliberations should make you stronger than you were before,”

1404: “I urge you all to always be mindful of your duties, obligations responsibilities towards the party and the people who put you in those positions. We are in the process of reforming our party, we have the duty and burden to explain these reforms to our people,”

1403: “Let us all trust the party, rely on it and follow its orders. We must individually and collectively safeguard the unity, peace and solidarity of the party,”

1400: “Each of us must conduct himself or herself honourably in your dealings with the public. We always guard against bringing the party into disrepute and ridicule as we are always obligated by our constitution.”

1357: He says the spirit of unity, loyalty and cooperation must remain the pillars on which the party is built.

1350: President Mnangagwa is now on the podium