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Harare’s indigenous industrial areas have been saddled with fire outbreaks largely due to constrained space.

ZANUPF led Government is now moving to decongest these areas starting with Siyaso industrial hun in Mbare.

Siyaso industrial area has become a solid base for indegenous businesses.
However it records perennial fire outbreaks partly attributed to the huge number of businesses that are now resident at this industrial area.
Production levels for indigenous business players have also been constrained.
Harnessing the potential base into the mainstream economy will be important in shaping the industrialisation agenda recognised as a robust pathway to rapid job creation.

Zimbabwe has become a hub for small to medium scale enterprises as the sector contributes 70 percent of all businesses becoming the largest employer outside government.
This wealth travel transfer of former employees to becoming small to medium enterprise owners is a positive result of the ZANU PF Indigenisation policy which empowers every Zimbabwean citizen.