ZANUPF Issues Stern Warning to Unscrupulous Mudslingers.

ZANUPF Issues Stern Warning to Unscrupulous Mudslingers.

ZANUPF Issues Stern Warning to Unscrupulous Mudslingers.

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The Revolutionary Party, ZANU PF has issued a stern warning to detractors behind the malicious attacks on the First Family.

Addressing the media today, Acting Secretary for Information and Publicity Cde Patrick Chinamasa highlighted that the Revolutionary Party is concerned with the malicious attacks on the First Family, particularly creation and peddling of falsehoods on social media mainly through vendetta journalists and unscrupulous characters like Hopewell Chinòno who, of late has been targeting the President`s Son.

“ZANU PF has noted with concern, the systemic, well-choreographed and sponsored attack on the integrity of the First Family by unscrupulous characters such as Hopewell Chinòno, this time targeting the President`s son,”

“We are aware that those baseless attacks did not start today, but need to stop forthwith. From false allegations that the First Lady’s convoy hit a child in Kwekwe, to that one of his sons has interest in Drax International of which have not been backed by any evidence except publication of pictures involving Delish Nguwaya, we warn the public and those writing these lies to stop”, said Cde Chinamasa.

Cde Chinamasa went to add that the President has posed for photos with various business players, both local and international particularly those donating for Covid 19 as a gesture of appreciation and not an indication that he has any sort of personal relationship with all of them.

“This cannot therefore translate to owning, knowing nor working with those businesses either personally or otherwise. We therefore wish to advice false news peddlers and our detractors to desist forthwith from perpetrating desperate character assassinations and shenanigans,” he added.

Since the defeat of the western sponsored MDC Alliance in 2018 by ZANU PF, the ailing opposition party has since resorted to use of social media to attack and tarnish the revolutionary party, it’s leadership, including the first family and Government. The kingpins behind this shameful act include the fugitive Jonathan Moyo, who self exiled himself to evade the long arm of the law regarding his corruption scandals as well as vendetta journalist and western funded regime change activist, Hopewell Chinòno.

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