Zim@40: Happy Birth Day Cde K.K

Zim@40:  Happy Birth Day Cde K.K

Zim@40: Happy Birth Day Cde K.K



Today we join the African region and people of Zambia in celebrating revolutionary icon, Kenneth David Buchizya Kaunda’s birthday as he turns 96 years of age today.


Cde Kenneth Kaunda became Zambia’s first President on the 24th of October in 1964, after the Nation became Independent from the British Colonial Rule. It is under Cde Kaunda’s able and selfless leadership that Zambia’s Independence ignited hopes for the people of Zimbabwe in their fight against Rhodesian settlers.


It is during that time that Nationalist Movements like ZANU and ZAPU were inspired regarding intensifying effective planning and implementation of the liberation struggle. Zambia was later to become a base for Zimbabwean Liberation fighters where they would train recruits from Zimbabwe and later deploy them to fight Rhodesian Colonialists.


Even after Independence, Zambia and Zimbabwe have remained close neighbors, with strong bilateral relations on many socio-economic initiatives.


Happy Birthday Cde KK!!!

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