By Margaret Kamba


It is a few days before we celebrate this year's independence day which falls on 18 April. The day reminds us of the hard won freedom that came on the back of the lives of many gallant sons and daughters of the soil who sacrificed their all to ensure this freedom prevails.


Their sacrifice witnessed the hoisting of the Zimbabwean flag as we celebrated taking back our land and rights among other things that the colonial regime had deprived us off.



ZANU PF Director Commissariat, Dr Davison Gomo describes what the country must celebrate this year.


"I think it's important that people understand that as a nation we should celebrate the national day because it marks the beginning of people of Zimbabwe taking control, not just of their lives in the current sense but in a very strategic form, a huge responsibility which encompasses the need for Zimbabweans through their government to have their resources exploited, managed and processed in such a way that they play a significant role in galvanizing the economy to create jobs for those that need them. This will allow them to set up enterprises for those that have a nuke for businesses. We now need to create entrepreneurial skills, professional skills and scientific skills that are critical for providing leadership for our industry, commerce and public institutions, " Cde Gomo said.



"We also have the right to recover our culture which was battered by colonialism. The rights that we take for granted, the right to live, the right to work, the right to do business, the right to vote and so on, these things didn't just appear by demand from some caller, lives were lost, lives were sacrificed and people lost opportunities to do other things as they concentrated into ensuring that Zimbabwe attained its freedom and that the people of Zimbabwe could pick up from where our heroes of the First and Second Chimurenga had left."


Cde Gomo highlighted that President and First Secretary of ZANU PF Cde E. D Mnangagwa is focused on making sure that the lives of the people of Zimbabwe are uplifted.



The President is focused on making sure there is a connection between the vision of our yester year, political rights, freedom fighters of that time. This President wants to connect. I think you can see it in his pronouncements when he is talking about peace, when he is talking about unity, when he is talking about development.


"I understand that a lot of young people once felt isolated, but that is not possible under the New Dispensation. Under Cde E. D Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe is under a construction and building process. Whenever someone is building a house according to a design by an architect, they cannot at that same time live within that house."


Cde Gomo said President Mnangagwa is working hard to build a Zimbabwe that will respond to the needs of everyone.


 Congratulations Zimbabwe.

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