ZIM@40 President ED Mnangagwa Hails Security Forces

ZIM@40 President ED Mnangagwa Hails Security Forces

ZIM@40 President ED Mnangagwa Hails Security Forces


By Lonias Rozvi Majoni


The Commander In Chief Of the Defense Forces, Head of State, Government and President Of the Republic of Zimbabwe; His Excellency CDE ED Mnangagwa today applauded the Country’s illustrious Security Forces for being consistent in peacekeeping as well as safeguarding the Nation from various threats.


Addressing the Nation on the occasion of the 40th Independence Day Commemorations for the Country’s Freedom, the President of The Republic of Zimbabwe commended the Nation’s distinguished Sons and Daughters who make up Zimbabwe’s Security Forces for their hard work and commitment.

“I want to pay tribute to our Men and Women in the Security Sector for keeping the Peace, assuring safety and guaranteeing our territorial integrity”. The President said.


His Excellency CDE Mnangagwa proceeded to applaud the Forces for ensuring peace and tranquility in the country, but went on to give credit to the majority of Zimbabwean Citizens for being law abiding Nationals:

“Zimbabwe is a peaceful country; Zimbabweans are a law-abiding people. We must never trade in, this character”.


The President also commended the National Security Forces for gallantry dousing trans-frontier criminal activities that have been previously affecting the Nation.

“In the recent past, there has been a disturbing trend of cross-border armed crime. I commend the vigilance of our security services who have accounted for most of these criminals”.


The Revolutionary Leader sternly reiterated that the country’s intolerance to criminal activities remains an unchanged policy and called for collective effort from the entire Nation of Zimbabwe to work together in that regard.

“Our country has zero tolerance on armed crime and all those toying with such unlawful ideas stand warned. Let us all cherish peace, cultivate, maintain and defend it at the family, community and national levels’’.


Zimbabwe has always been a peaceful Nation. Sadly, Western Sponsored Opposition Parties have been on numerous occasions, engaging in terrorist regime change activities. Through illegal demonstrations and terror attacks, the Opposition parties notoriously poke Security Forces in a deliberate attempt to invite the wrath of Justice. Consequently, the Opposition, after the Law enforcers’ response will bellow very loud like a cow with an amplifier implanted on its thorax; crying foul and accusing the forces for “violating human rights”. This criminal activity ends with the Opposition leaders with fat pockets after their Imperialist paymasters applaud them for a job well done.


President ED Mnangagwa is of a decorated security background after having served the country during the Liberation Struggle as a Freedom fighter under the famously revered and special group called the Crocodile Gang. Even after Independence he served as the Minister of State Security at a highly volatile period when a newly established Zimbabwe faced innumerable threats from the Apartheid Government that was at odds with a stable sovereign Nation which posed as a source of inspiration for Black South Africans fighting for majority rule.


In addition, beleaguered minority Rhodesians who could not come to terms with the status quo also worked with Apartheid Government in fanning armed criminal acts against Zimbabwe. All these machinations were quelled by President Mnangagwa who was then the Minister of State Security.

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