Zimbabweans defy MDC-A calls for demonstration

Zimbabweans defy MDC-A calls for demonstration

Zimbabweans defy MDC-A calls for demonstration

Zimbabweans defy MDC-A calls for demonstration


By David Mwanza


Zimbabweans across the political divided have defied calls to join the
U.S.A sponsored nationwide violent demonstrations with the
Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) reporting that the situation in the
country was calm and peaceful.

In a terse statement published on social media, the ZRP said “The
ZRP wishes to advise the public that the security situation in the
country is calm and peaceful. The public should continue with
normal day to day activities with the full knowledge that their safety
and security is guaranteed.”


A snap survey by the ZANU PF Department of Information and
Publicity in Harare Central Business District and areas around Mbare
showed that people were going around their normal routines with
children playing outside their homes.
Most self-employed youths in the Siyaso area of Mbare said they
were against the demonstrations as it negatively impacted on their


“These demonstrations do not work for us. You are not paid to
partake in the demonstrations. We have lost revenue in the past two
days because of these demonstrations. On a good day we make
US$200,” said a dejected Jacob Zuze.


His colleague Clemence Shumba said demonstrations were no longer
useful in Zimbabwe.


“The four of us can say go and join the demonstrations. But after the
demonstrations what do you go and tell your kids who would be
waiting for food. The majority of people in Zimbabwe are self-
employed. The only people benefiting from these so called
demonstrations are the organisers because they are being paid,” said
a fuming Shumba.



Meanwhile, in Harare’s oldest suburb Mbare the situation was calm
and peaceful with children playing along the roads with vendors
going on with their day to day business.
The major worry though being failure by citizens to adhere to Covid-
19 regulations.

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